Hot winds of hell burns in my wake…

Procrastination is the mother of invention! Indeed! Another week into this year finds us with our heads down and still cranking out the verbiage and literary despair! We still have some interviews on the back burner, but until then, reviews are the main course.

Regarding our upload days…. I have some rather huge things happening in my life here pretty soon which may prevent me personally from being a part of every single update, but once things smooth over, I’ll be back and stronger than ever. I’m not saying I’m going to be absent for a long period of time, but just sporadic and writing when I can find the time. Jim will be here and holding down the fort of course, kicking ass like only he can. We are still going to stick to the idea of Tuesday being our main day, but it could move one way or the other depending on the week.

So yes…. go with the flow Worm legions! We appreciate you all taking the time to peruse over this site! Spread the word! Share your playlists!

Jim Clifton Playlist
Ævangelist – De Masticatione Mortuorum in Tumulis
Napalm Death – Utilitarian
Skepticism – Stormcrowfleet
Horrendous – The Chills
Derketa – In Death We Meet
Cruciamentum – Engulfed in Desolation
Cruciamentum – Convocation of Crawling Chaos
Drowing the Light – Oceans of Eternity
Neurosis – Souls at Zero
Neurosis – Enemy of the Sun

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Derketa – In Death We Meet (wow… crushing death doom the old and GOOD way!)
Cruciamentum – Engulfed in Desolation
Cruciamentum – Convocation of Crawling Chaos
Weapons to Hunt – Blessed in Sin
Evocation – Illusions of Grandeur (Still trying to fit into this one. So far it rings disappointment)
Faustcoven – Hellfire and Funeral Bells
Funeral – S/T
Darkthrone – Hate Them
Slayer – Haunting the Chapel

S. Craig Zahler Playlist
Torsofuck/Lymphatic Phlegm – Split  (The first three Torsofuck tunes are sharp grinding slam– propulsive with cool rhythmic groupings.  Lympatic Phlegm the Moonblood of goregrind)
Lympatic Phlegm – Show Off Cadavers the Anatomy of Self-Display (A sharp cumulative album experience from the Moonblood of goregrind.)
Abominable Putridity – In The End of Human Existence
Blue Oyster Cult – The Columbia Albums Collection
Blasted Pancreas – Carcinoma (Great goregrind from Greece.  See my review)
Nasty Pig Dick – Flesh for the Worms (If it were a little better I could say, “Oinktastic.”  See my review.)
Saprogenic – The West Sound of Flesh on Concrete (Great vibe, evil riffs.  Creepy bdm with some slam sections.)
Carcass – Symphonies of Sickness
Carcass – Reek of Putrefaction
Vomit Remnants – Supreme Entity (Japanese slam in the hood.  Bizarre arrangements and some junky vocals, but mostly good, surprising stuff from ’99)
Argentum Lucha Y Memoria (Martial Industrial with good atmosphere and some fun, playful drum programming akin to Summoning)
Half good albums: Beheaded – Ominous Bloodline (tracks 1, 3, 7 & 9); Putrevore (first half.  Great sound but also some ugly chords and forced ideas);
Song: Bound and Gutted by the band Skewered.

~ by martyworm on January 16, 2013.

11 Responses to “Hot winds of hell burns in my wake…”

  1. Thanks for the reviews. I always look forward to going through all the bands you review in the morning with that strong black coffee. Nice way to start the day! I like the Ruins the most out of all the bands. It does get a little winded and not exactly unique enough to keep me interested for a long time. But very well done.

    Playlist this week:
    1. Manowar – Glory Ride
    2. Maveth – Coils for the Black Earth

    3. Sorcerer’s Pledge (new band I found on bandcamp. This is a 3 song demo that is inspried by old Candlemass but with a wind of dark Doom intermingled. The vocalist is a bit flat at times, but his ideas are excellent as well as the music. This is a fantastic fucking demo, and its free on bandcamp!)

    4. Abyssal – Novit Enim Dominus Qui Sunt Eius – better than Portal, much better!
    5. Chthe’ilist – that demo i don’t want to fucking spell
    6. Necrot – Into the Labyrinth – great 3 song demo out of Oakland. Got this on tape from the band, found them on bandcamp. Fucking classic Mortem meets Grave!
    7. Weapon – Embers and Revelation – I just can’t tired of this fucking album! It always gets my booty shaking!

  2. ya had me at ‘Inspired by Candlemass’ – on the way to Sorcerer’s Pledge bandcamp now! Damn right on the Weapon, and the Maveth for me \m/

  3. yeah man, i have been listening to the Sorcerer’s Pledge non-stop. It took me about 4 spins before I really understood it. This is a classic example of less being more, particularly the drummers style. If I were a label, I would jump on this band. The only issue I would worry about would be the vocalists performance in the future.

  4. Recent listening habits:

    Ozzy Osbourne – all solo albums up to No Rest for the Wicked. Hell yeah, the madman! When I’m in the right mood these tunes hit the spot. Very 80’s slick at times but that’s part of the charm. Sort of pop-metal. Ozzy knows how to create good vocal lines (instead of just aping the guitar lines like he did, with great succes!, in Sabbath) and the guitars are full on guitar god wankery, but deliciously so. Randy Rhoads, Jake E. Lee, Zakk Wylde anyone? Yummy!

    Mercyful Fate/King Diamond – the classic stuff: Melissa/Oath/Beginning/Portrait/Abigail/Them etc. Like classic horror movies set to music. Evil! \m/
    I’m pleasantly surprised by some of the post-reunion Mercyful Fate albums, I’ve bought In the Shadows and Time a while ago and the’re both very solid.

  5. Mercyful Fate, yeah baby! Freek, you are loyal to the classics. You aren’t a whore like me….hahaha…

  6. Good call on that Horrendous album. It was a pleasant surprise last year. I have been blasting through a lot of stuff this past week and found even more thanks to this site!
    Occulation – Three & Seven
    Agalloch – Faustian Echos
    The Sequence of Prime – Inter-
    Liberteer – Better to Die on Your Feet Than Live On Your Knees – Build no system
    Martyrdöd – Paranoia – Avbon
    Royal Thunder – CVI
    Arsis – Lepers Caress
    Demolition Hammer – Epidemic of Violence – Epidemic of Violence
    Argyle Goolsby – A Dream Not Quite Remembered
    Fucked Up – Hidden World
    Hell – III
    Behexen – By the Blessing of Satan – celebration of christs fall
    Panopticon – Collapse
    Anathema – Weather Systems
    Anathema – We’re Here Because We’re Here
    Primordial – The Gathering Wilderness – Tragedy’s Birth
    Primordial – Redemption at the Puritans Hand
    Primordial – To The Nameless Dead
    Bathory – Blood on Ice
    Wyrd – Huldrafolk
    Wyrd – The Ghost Album
    Solefald – Neonism
    Germ – Loss

  7. Kevin> Good to see you’re into Wyrd as well. Underrated band IMHO.
    Patrick> Make no mistake, I’m a dirty gore whore (ha!) when it comes to music. I only post about the metal I listen to, I leave out the jazz, the folk, the progressive rock, the classical…

  8. ARe you trying to tell us you are too sophisticated to talk about your other high brow proclivities freeK? : )

  9. FYI FREEK, in case you want to meet the man, the myth the legend, Evil Tails, I’ll be in the Netherlands in a few months possibly. UK, Finland and Netherland stops….

  10. Marty> Good luck man!

    Patrick> neh, just worrying that talking about jazz here would seriously damage my trve kvlt-ness. So you’re touring Europe eh. Well keep me posted.

  11. No tour, I just have stay in London for a week or two and was planning on seeing a few friends while I am there. But yeah, I will.

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