Reek of Shits – Deface Mind

reekofshitsAlthough Reek of Shits is categorized by the Metal Archives as brutal death metal/grindcore, it would be easy to make an argument that they play goregrind on this album.  Likely, the band’s inclusion of a few too many punk riffs as well as their overall looseness pushed them into the core rather than gore category, despite the album’s imagery, tremolo riffing, and deep (mostly) abstract vocals, all of which are in keeping death metal/goregrind.
Deface Mind is a collection of fairly short grinding death metal songs–around 3 minutes on average–and it is clear that the band is having fun with material that they enjoy playing.  Lots of short 1 or 2 measure tremolo riffs yield to more interesting material, and ultimately the reason that this album is better than average (with 50 being dead average) is because Reek of Shits knows which riffs to emphasize, especially in tunes like Butchers Pinny and the slightly too punky Crippled Abortions.  (These titles also seem in a gore mode…)
The cover of Napalm Death’s Suffer the Children gives you an idea of their basic template and vocal style, though it was the black metal band Von Goat whom I thought of most often when listening to this album, since VG typically supplies one good hook per song and uses other simpler ideas and tempi to mix things up.
Judging from this LP, Reeks of Shits isn’t a remarkable grind outfit like Squash Bowels or Carcass or Insect Warfare or Lymphatic Phlegm or Blasted Pancreas or Dead Infection.  Reek of Shits is simple and competent grinding death that has a good sound (the same could be said for Gruesome Stuff Relish and Skullhog) and they give you just enough good material to make the listening experience worthwhile. -S. Craig Zahler
Bizarre Leprous Productions

~ by martyworm on January 16, 2013.

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