Mortillery – Origin of Extinction

Mortillery (200x200)The Thrash Metal theme continues on at Worm Gear. This time, however, what’s annoyed Marty and I about its resuscitation soaks Mortillery’s Origin of Extinction through and through. The promo pictures alone announce what’s on tap: riffin’, boozin’ … snoozin’. Look, I enjoy a beer or three as much as the next guy – and there’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a good time with your Metal – but we already have Venom and Mötörhead for that. So when I encounter recycled Thrash riffs without an original twist, pristine production that leaves no room for the human factor, and excessive cowbell(?) intent upon turning my frown upside-down, the opposite effect ensues. I fail to understand what mere reproduction does for the musician; how does a note-for-note replication rise above a cover band in terms of personal expression, or validity? Perhaps an interview with the youths perpetuating this resurrection of Thrash would shed light on …nah. Every teen hesher growing up in the mid-to-late ’80s with a guitar in-hand taught themselves these very same riffs when the urge to ‘bang took hold. The difference? Very few participated in signed bands at this early stage in their playing, and deservedly so – Thrash 101 did not then and should not now a label-backed band make. Though tight as a band and talented in the studio, Mortillery’s songwriting skills are simply underdeveloped. Unfortunate, really, for vocalist Cara; her bloodcurdling shriek would force any banshee back into the woods from whence it came. Her frayed lungs remain the only standout feature of the album. A new band, more thoughtful riffs, and well, someone else writing the lyrics (sample: “F*ck your rules and f*ck your friends and f*ck, f*ck, f*ck”…sigh) would serve her well. When looking for a reason, blame Mortillery and other similar sycophants for being (you knew this was coming) the Origin of Extinction of the Thrash Metal ‘revival’. -Jim

Napalm Records

~ by cliftonium on January 23, 2013.

One Response to “Mortillery – Origin of Extinction”

  1. Had to check it out after reading this, especially since I have a soft spot for female vocalists in metal who actually kick ass (instead of just being the hot chick in the band) and damn… I like it! Not an original note in sight (thrash 101 indeed, but I’d call it “authentic”) but it did bring a big smile to my face…

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