Chapel of Disease – Summoning Black Gods

chapelofdisease“This masterpiece is a must for fans of the early MORGOTH, ASPHYX or DEATH.” Thank you bio seepage! BUT in the German Chapel of Disease’s case, this couldn’t be closer to the truth as the vocalist sounds like the perfect cross between Grewe, Van Drunen, and Schuldiner in his throaty bellows of dismay. In fact, it is pretty amazing how authentic to early 90’s death metal CoD sounds, and by way of nostalgia I find it completely refreshing. No blast beats, just that driving and quick pseudo thrash/death metal beat that pushes these tracks along in a fit of aggravated intensity. The riffage screams in the old style since the tuning sounds close to standard which also unveils a bit of a thrash influence. This is right where the scene was back then… thrash melding slowly into death metal which in turn created a new, though short lived genre unto itself. As the meat of this material wraps around those excellent and reverb tinged vocals, Summoning Black Gods feels like a long lost release that just fell into my lap and it makes me yearn for more songs like “The Nameless City” which divulges riff after riff in what feels like a linear song structure. This wandering songwriting style may be difficult to comprehend after only several listens, but as you stick with it and fully adhere to Chapel of Disease’s flow and attention to detail, I think you too will appreciate the musical cobwebs being dusted off here in a fury of Possessed meets Asphyx worship. Love the tight, though professionally garagey (if that makes sense) production which further screams for a return to ancient metal times. I initially linked Chapel of Disease in the same league as the amazing Horrendous, and even though the aforementioned band just maybe operating on a higher level of excellence when it comes to songwriting and overall sound production, if these 2 bands got in a bus and toured, I would be inspired to emerge from this crypt to see such an event. I don’t know where FDA Rekotz has been unearthing these bands, but the label is quickly becoming one of my favorites in the death metal genre. -Marty
FDA Rekotz

~ by martyworm on January 30, 2013.

6 Responses to “Chapel of Disease – Summoning Black Gods”

  1. I love the dirty production on this. This is good shit! Getting this sucker! Good review

  2. Where the hell can you buy this release? I looked. It isn’t even on Discogs.

  3. It may not even be out yet.

  4. you tell those fuckers to hurry the hell up : )

  5. they are telling me it was released in December. Geez, their label really should make it easier to find the CD, that or i am just dense and blind.

  6. UPDATE – if you want this CD, go to facebook and email the fuckers. god damn, their record label sucks!

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