Satanic Threat – In To Hell

satanicthreatTribute bands are always good for a trip down nostalgia lane, especially in a bar setting, but Satanic Threat is just a weird idea, plain and simple. Featuring members of Nunslaughter and an ex member of Midnight, Satanic Threat is a pretty damn accurate reenactment of Minor Threat’s production, crisp/garage born sound, writing style, and shouted vocals, but with satanic lyrics. Like all effective tribute bands, they should make you want to listen to the original band they are doppelganging and ST are no different. As the speed hardcore riffs lifted form the S/T and Out of Step Minor Threat releases blast through the speakers and hit you as sounding very familiar, but maybe a bit tweeked, all I want to do is sit through this long enough to indeed fetch my MT cassettes and cleanse the air. The vocalist on this material is pretty close to hitting Ian MacKaye’s style, but lacks the pissed off fire that the youthful Ian shared with and really made you feel. In To Hell is a musical trip down memory lane by way of borrowed MT riffs alongside MT sounding songs that try to envision “what if” Minor Threat made another album, maybe it would sound like “this”. Well they didn’t and Satanic Threat really isn’t filling any hardcore void with this collection of studio and live tracks. Sure it’s fun, but really not something that “needs” to be in your collection. -Marty
Hell’s Headbangers

~ by martyworm on January 30, 2013.

2 Responses to “Satanic Threat – In To Hell”

  1. country music sucks!

  2. Yes! And metal music sucks too! (???)

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