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Thevetat - Disease to Divide HEADERThomas Pioli is no stranger to the underground, for he has been striking out from the dark recesses of the genre for years. Having spent time in Ceremonium, Hemlock, and 13 he has honed his craft with dedication and a unique ear for quality and riffs that will demand your respect. Thevetat is his latest band and it hits at a time where fans of extreme metal are enjoying a return to the darker and heavier side of this genre. But let’s not call what Thevetat is doing “Revivalist death metal”, for Thomas’ music is pure and inventive, focusing on truly fresh and otherworldly death instead of falling back into the often rehashed trappings of a sound borrowed from Sweden. Thevetat is the real deal and after hearing the bands 3 song demo what was released last year as a split release between Dark Descent and Destro Records, we had to dig a bit deeper into Thomas’ world. -Marty   

The death metal revival is in full swing throughout the globe, but Thevetat possesses far more credibility and a unique take on the genre than all of these young upstarts attempting to rekindle the Swedish sound. Thomas, you have spent many years cultivating the metal genre in bands like Ceremonium and Hemlock to name a few. I feel that death metal is enjoying a cyclical return to people’s attention, but hasn’t been as knocked out of favor as genres like thrash. What are your thoughts on this current era of extreme metal and what are you hoping to achieve with the music of Thevetat?
Hello Marty. Thanks for the kind words. Honestly I don’t favor the revival term much because for me the fire was always burning. It just reflects in different ways and times. Independently I think highly of my recordings, and achievements. No doubt about it. No matter what disparaged thieves, psychic vampires and benevolent sheep stir things up around you, the only concern is the final outcome. I talk about these topics in the songs, but you have to find that somewhere else. Learning there maybe a connection to other sounds is a cool thing. Its about channeling energy to ride your wave. Presently creating this death metal is a blast for me, and things are turning out killer. Thevetat’s goal is simple to make straightforward crushing death metal.
Could you introduce the other members of the band? Where did you meet like minded people to share in your vision for the material of Disease to Divide? According to Metal Archives, several of these guys haven’t been in any bands previous to this one. Was this important to you? “Fresh blood” so to speak, doesn’t bring preconceived creative baggage from an old band…
Sure. Right now Thevetat consists of myself/guitar, Matthew Szablewicz/vocals, John Mischling/drums, and Kamron Robinson/guitar. This foundation has been solid for several months now with the exception of Kamron who joined last week. He also plays in Headsnatcher. Everybody is comfortable with each other and have the spark to create something original. Yeah Matt was in Cerebral Hemorrage for a while, and I got to know their history from the local scene. Just the way he carried himself, it made sense to approach him, and his guidance with things has been awesome. Im sorry to say I don’t get very nostalgic. Having worked so many bands and projects over years, its like ingrained in my mind the path to take, the way to present things. Something eternal about it. I guess I agree John is fresh blood on drums. We thought he was a twenty something when he stepped in, and told us he was a few years older than most of us! Shocking. So hes been playing five years I believe which is outstanding, and nails the material. Were playing “Disease to Divide” and some newer songs. The band are seeking a bass player with a couple potentials in the wings. Matt D. kinda gave up bass in the band prior to recording the ep and I ended up doing that as well.
I was quite impressed with the material on Disease to Divide as the 3 songs on this demo don’t sound influenced by any particular scene.  The tone, riffs and song structures struck me as being very fresh and not corrupted by the often overused Swedish DM thickness and style. Where are your own personal influences found when creating material for Thevetat? It sounds like a lot of time was spent crafting these riffs into something with its own identity.
Thevetat rehearsal TomBe damned if you don’t know me Marty! Haaa….I think right off the bat, Ive been listening to a lot of thrash metal. Exodus, Possessed, Assassin, Deathrow. Flotsam and Jetsam, King Diamond, Dead Can Dance. Sadly the genres get flipped 360 degrees from Sunday so it is what it is. Usually I listen to styles of music totally opposite than what I play. My feeling comes from that. Im in a happy place being mad and aggressive at the world! Im definitely trying to do a back to basics thing. Morbus Chron are cool. Didn’t they have cooperation with Dark Descent? I pick up bands from the label as well, and many of them have the old school spirit. Cold, gruesome heavy shit.
As we conduct this interview, Thevetat is rehearsing for your first ever shows to come later this year. How important is playing live to you? Is this medium one of the last bastions of true expression not perverted by the internet? Will you be featuring a lot of new material during these performances? Is a more widespread tour in the planning stages and are the members of this band committed to such a “Road Warrior” lifestyle?
Yes Thevetat are preparing to do shows this spring. They will be select shows with other bands that we appreciate. Not looking to overdo anything really since life at this age offers more to handle. I see playing live as an extension; a release of sorts but not necessary so to speak. Still, I think with technology the way it is, the live setting provides atmosphere youre not getting from a machines tiny speakers. Thevetat’s set will feature the ep plus a few new songs. I think any bigger commitment for tours and shows is something to think down the road and any promoters that wish to contact us, we would welcome it.
I am a bit out of touch with the metal workings in New York. Are there still clubs eager to promote and support extreme bands? Are there fans still filling these clubs?  
Yes, the club scene is pretty good here. Old and new many heads come out to support. Even during weekdays you could have a good draw sometimes. I think the maniacs come down to clubs just to talk about the clubs that are now closed! For a few years there was a dormant period where venues really werent doing anything then it kinda blew up.
The lyrics on Disease to Divide were not printed, but I understand they are based in occult themes. How important to you is the darker side of life/spirituality? To what extent does this belief structure seep into the message of Thevetat? 
Actually the lyrics are partially printed on one of the bands websites. Topics are rooted in occult themes, death, horror, hypocrisy, and respect to the way nature evolves. Theyre the kind of thoughts that can be interpreted in different ways. A main idea is there then takes a course all its own. Often with death and mortality you dont want to think things are going to end in suffering. You think visions beyond that on whatever spiritual level you choose. At times Ive thought to write a book with all the writing Ive done, and the attention it would requir escapes me right now. Henceforth this outlet. Im very satisfied with the layout of “Disease…” as a whole package. It was a great experience getting it into peoples hands. With any luck there will be something else lined up soon.
Ceremonium was an important part of death metal’s rise on the East coast and last year the bands music enjoyed a 2CD catalog retrospective release on Weird Truth Records. Does this collection symbolize your return to thinking about creating music under this moniker again, or is it purely making hard to find material available once again? If interest in this band was on the rise again, would you consider reassembling the line-up, or is Thevetat your main focus these days?Thevetat rehearsal Matt
Been there done that. With the right planning maybe again. There were plans for Ceremonium to return at one time or another, and I tried to get members to continue it. Perhaps for fun, however hard it may be! The slower stuff is an obstacle for me these days. It never materialized, and so has been laid to rest. Again great work done by Weird Truth Productions. A run of tshirts was made that sold out not long ago, and was a good thing since merch was never a big thing with this band. Its tough trying to find a number of gems.  
Disease to Divide was a co-release between your own Destro Records and Dark Descent Records out of Colorado. It seems like things on the Destro front have been a bit quieter over the years. Is this release a statement that Destro is rising again? What have been the frustrations and achievements of operating an underground label?
Yes Im glad about that. When Dark Descent approached the band the offer was good, and they seemed a perfect fit. Strong work ethic. No frills. I havent always had the time or desire to do Destro Records 100 percent. It takes time to go on with business issues and personal things. Having released a band of my own is that catch 22, and I moved around too much over last few years to dig deep into anything serious. I thought to kick it up again with Dark Descent and when I mentioned it to him they accepted fully. I had some help with the label before which also ended and it made a heavier load for me. The best thing is the actual release. Having the gut feeling that even if one person heard this album, and it totally changed their mindframe, or took them somewhere else….thats the level I hope to achieve. Frustration I don’t want to think about. Zero the hero. Cheer the beero.  
Having been a part of the metal underground for many years, I’m curious as to how you see yourself fitting into the modern culture of the genre? How has it changed over the years for you and do you still feel the connection to it in terms of lifestyle and culture?
Modern culture. Mostly I use my phone to say when/wheres this going down, ok set. Of course the internet changed things, making music more accessible. Obviously I want to get my hands on real items, and not a download without soul. Its farewell to tapes in the mail, and new ways to seek out bands. Honestly I cant gauge the younger generation. Most of the ones I talk to say they still pick up CDs, vinyl, etc, so its all your viewpoint really.
With 2013 underway, how close is Thevetat to beginning work on a full-length? What can the fans expect and will you be working with Dark Descent again? Will we experience a similar attack from the band as found the demo, or is there a sense of evolution in the new material?
Slowly the bells shall chime. Been doing the note to self thing forever. Thevetat will record probably around summer after a few shows. Havent decided whether it will be a full length, another ep, etc. We do want to re-record the demo songs since they’ve been touched upon a bit so we will see. The new songs are definitely in the same vein. Some of the demo songs were from riffs Ive had in the vault, so theres a progression being the endzone is more clear now. Theres plenty of fast intricate things going on and headbanging slaughter. The option is there to work with Dark Descent again so its something to look forward to possibly.
Thevetat CD pile
Thank you Thomas for sifting through these questions. Keep it dark and deadly! The final thoughts go to you…
Thanks. You rule! Follow Thevetat’s updates on the sites listed. Death metal that speaks for the dead!

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