Ulcer – Grant Us Death

ulcerThere are 6 guys in this band…. is that really necessary? The members filling the ranks of Poland’s Ulcer each possess an impressive resume of bands they have been involved in (Squash Bowels, Christ Agony, Blaze of Perdition, Moon to name a few), yet here they all are, upholding the Swedish death metal construct with perfection and yes, somewhat of a visionless glimpse into their collective lack of originality. Perhaps this is a harsh statement, for the crushing death anthems found on Grant Us Death truly are well crafted and expertly recorded. In fact I actually like this album for what it is. The problem is, the fact that this band sounds like a direct descendent of Carnage and Dismember (minus those Maiden harmonies), for some reason the lack of creative spark initially bothered me. Shaking it off, we are left with an albums worth of modern death metal destroying meatiness by way of a thick as a free range bison guitar tone and a focus on quick, though often blast beat-less drum patterns to hurl this material back into the early 90’s. Again, a welcomed delivery to these old ears. When Ulcer decide to offer some melodies as found on “The Love Song”, the Dismember characteristics become even more evident, but the inclusion makes the tracks that much more memorable from a musical standpoint. 10 songs fill these digital halls with a ravenous lust for death metal the old way, which is an enjoyable, though redundant fact. Grant us Death is good for sure. But essential? -Marty
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~ by martyworm on February 6, 2013.

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  2. I think it’s safe to say THIS is a TROLL. Hope I’m not offending Patrick now… 😉

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