Vit – The Dry Season

vitEarthen and crust enveloped metal, draped in the bleak sounds of deadened doom with lurching black tendencies all hurled into the fray of this free flowing session of pure anger and burnt husk intensity. As the Dry Season progresses, more layers are heaped onto the compost pile. 16 Bodies starts out this experience as if it is the sonic embodiment of a barren field awaiting impregnation with it’s soured crawl and audial black soil awaiting the plow to till in last years nutrience. Charred screams are the vocal delivery of choice on this album and such an accent fits the many faces that Vit unveils with their music. on “The Dry Season”, the tempo and intensity in the music picks up it’s figurative head ever so slightly, as if the community pulls together to plant their crops for the year. As you can see where this is going, A Hymn of Benediction rejoices with a faster drum beak and even more of a black metal influence with crushing tribal drum work to coexist with that gristles guitar tone and atmosphere that nurtures the growth and vitality of the crops as they sway in the wind in anticipation of the coming storm. “And the Rain Soon Followed” is that literal sonic victory of moisture uniting once again with the soil with the songs quiet acoustic passage that leads into a bluegrass composition. Such an influence may seem out of place on paper, but the impact seems quite fitting when acting as the anchor and overall release for the whole progression of this EP to reach such a colorful climax. This is my first encounter with Vit and it has been a welcomed experience of open minded and adventurous black influenced metal. -Marty
Handshake Inc.

~ by martyworm on February 13, 2013.

One Response to “Vit – The Dry Season”

  1. On their Bandcamp site “Formed in the winter months of desolate, central Ohio in hopes of hastily ushering the return of Those who’s rest remains deep and terrible.”

    Can you really make central Ohio creepy and Black Metal-esque, especially when your picture entail 3 dudes that look like farmers–all wearing flannel? Having made that snide yet true comment, the music is okay. At the very least, I like the nasty production.

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