Streaming: Necrocurse – ‘The Devil Cobra’

Necrocurse Debut “The Devil’s Cobra” from their upcoming full-length, Grip of the Dead as an exclusive stream on Worm Gear…M:CAD DrawingsDelgaDelga standard templatesBookletsCD_DPS1
It has been quite some time since something so ancient and excellent has crossed our desks at the Worm compound, but Sweden’s Necrocurse have seared their impression on our minds with Grip of the Dead (See our review for this release in this weeks update). This 11 track descent into darkness is a vibrant attack of aggression and furious melodies from the collective minds of veterans who have done time in bands such as Nifelheim, Sacramentum, Swordmaster, and Runemagick.
This album is the real deal and Worm Gear is proud to work with Pulverised Records to give you all an exclusive view into the abyss with “The Devil’s Cobra” from the forthcoming Grip of the Dead.
Race to the grave and bang your fucking heads….

Necrocurse 2012 photo
Sweden’s hell-majestic Death Metallers NECROCURSE have truly invoked pure evil with the much anticipated debut full-length “Grip Of The Dead”!

With members from Nifelheim, Swordmaster, Runemagick, Sacramentum, etc and set in a traditional ancient Heavy Metal spirit, “Grip Of The Dead” is a convocation of ominous Deathchaos and Blackened Thrash destruction. Together with a slab of anthemic devil-horn theatrical antics, the end result is a perfect assimilation of the legitimate NECROCURSE sound-stamp!

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Sonic Train Studios with legendary King Diamond guitar maestro Andy La Rocque (King Diamond, Melechesh, Hammerfall, etc) and the stunningly nefarious artwork cover by David Herrerias (Antichrist (Swe)), the Morbid Maniacs have returned and it is going to be unpleasant.

The first riffs and songs to the band was composed in 2004 but was then only as a project and not meant to be official. A few demo songs were recorded but much more than that did not happen. It was in 2009/2010 that the band had a full line-up and the name NECROCURSE became official.
In 2010, the band recorded their first serious recording. The result was five songs, later released in 2011 on two 7″ vinyls “Chaos Carnage Cataclysm” and “Insane Curse Of Morbidity” by the Norwegian label Aftermath Music. Two tape versions was also released with bonus material by the Swedish label Death Invocation Records. The recordings were then re-mastered and re-released as a shaped CD ”Shape of Death” by Aftermath Music in 2012.
In 2011, the band began working hard on new material and some unofficial demos were recorded. Several record companies contacted the band and NECROCURSE chose to work with Pulverised Records from Singapore. This resulted in a worldwide contract for an album on CD and vinyl.

In 2012, the band is ready to play live. Several gigs were made during the year in clubs and festivals such as Beyond The Gates Festival (Norway), Kill-Town Death Fest (Denmark), Metal Legacy Festival (Sweden) and others. NECROCURSE quickly gained a reputation as a great live band with fast-paced action and intense show on stage.
In September, the band began recording the new full album “Grip Of The Dead” in Sonic Train Studios (Varberg, Sweden) with Andy La Rocque at the controls. Recording continued in smaller studios to finally become mixed in Sonic Train Studios in October. The release is scheduled in early 2013.

During 2013, in addition to release new album, NECROCURSE will also appear livemore, better and harder than before!

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5 Responses to “Streaming: Necrocurse – ‘The Devil Cobra’”

  1. Darn you and your actual, like, ability to procure new releases in a timely manner! These guys were indeed a fine inclusion in last year’s Kill Town Death Fest; this review is high praise indeed; and I’m in exactly the right mood to listen to them today. And I’m going to have to WAIT before I can get mitts on this album – I can’t even find any naughty downloads while I anticipate the postman. Arrrrgh, it’s like being fourteen again and dependent on my Mum to drive me to the nearest town with a record shop.

    Thanks for providing this track and the heads-up as to its existence, though. I have yet to find any entirely satisfactory source of info about new releases (since the death of metal-archives’ pub needlebase thingy), but your zine is patching over some of the chasms.

    The Long-Absent Englishwoman

  2. Righteous! – Scott The Hammer

  3. Welcome (back?) to the Worm Gear fold! You’ll find we (and our cherished commenters) share that same youthful excitement about relevant new arrivals upon the extreme music landscape. Though we don’t cover nearly as many releases as we’d like to, we are growing, and appreciate you stopping by and hope you will again as well. Hails \m/ -Jim

  4. This sounds like a real winner.

  5. […] are streaming a new track from Sweden’s NECROCURSE, it’s “The Devil Cobra” taken from the […]

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