Tod Huetet Uebel – Morte e Caos (demo)

Tod_HueThe perfect antidote for the snooze-inducing glut of psychedelic sludge crap slung toward my inbox, apparently, is blast-beating, furious Black Metal, with a little bit of classic Thrash. I felt close to tearing my gray hair out until I came across this three-song piece of coal from Lisbon, Portugal. Vocals remind me of those that rip straight from the larynx of Wrest, with an Leviathan-esque lacerating screech buried under a layer of cold six-string extremity, blending its tone with that familiar furious BM chord abuse that we know – and delight in – so well. On this one-man Black Metal beast, programmed drums snap relentlessly across the thick guitarscape, but for this type of music, such percussion only adds to the raw hatred conveyed across the whole of Morte e Caos’s three tracks. But back to the Thrash. While most of what’s heard is of the corpse-painted variety, each song has a moment of mid-tempo Speed Metal attack with alternate-picking, complementing double-bass drumwork and engendering a nod or two amidst the maelstrom. Daniel Coelho also employs melody lines that add to the journey, but cleverly inters these as well; your ear will have to focus to find them, and that little extra bit of effort positively affects the overall experience of the album. If nothing else, the pure abandon of Morte e Caos has emptied the trend-wax from my ears this week, and for that reason alone, Tod Huetet Uebel deserves a horns-up hail. -Jim


~ by cliftonium on March 13, 2013.

One Response to “Tod Huetet Uebel – Morte e Caos (demo)”

  1. “emptied the trend-wax from my ears”

    Yep, a vital function…

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