Imperium Dekadenz – Meadows of Nostalgia

imperiumdekadenzExpansive black metal arising from Germany to demonstrate once again that this country has fought through the BM stagnation of the early 2000’s to produce a talented and relevant scene not ashamed to look at their homeland’s beautiful woodlands for inspiration (also check out Finsterforst!).
Imperium Dekadenz is a 2 piece band that embraces mid-paced tempos to allow the brunt of this material to unfurl over droning and dissonant melodies that mesmerize with hypnotic qualities spun through grandiose song structures. There’s a very pleasing pulse at the core of Meadows of Nostalgia that is ponderous and inwardly reflective while taking refuge in an atmosphere that could have sit quite comfortably amongst the mist enveloped hills of Norway circa 1995. What I really appreciate about this album is Imperium Dekadenz’ patience with their riff work, placement and direction. They take their time in these songs by way of sensible repetition and melodic moments that flow along as if carried by a gentle breeze. The production of this album adds to the clarity and vibrance thanks to a very professional sound canvas that allows each instrument to be heard, though not losing site of that organic element so often overlooked by modern recording techniques. As simplistic power chord rhythms provide a suitable foundation, memorable tremolo melodies add a sense of feel that is almost medieval in style and quality as found on the excellently layered track “Tranen des Bacchus”. With the harsh unfaltering screams of the vocalist offering a sensible and effective strike of dismay to battle with the spirit found in these songs, the overall musical message of Imperium Dekadenz appeals to my Viking era Bathory worship and there’s even a minor glimpse of Summoning in there thanks to that machine-like plod to really set me on a world sculpting journey in my head.
Meadows of Nostalgia is one of those albums that I just want to get lost in, not caring about song titles, when it’s going to end, or where it’s going to take me… I just crave and yearn for the escape and this German duo delivers. With cover art that perfectly depicts the melancholy so expertly unleashed within, Imperium Dekadenz is another band that I have overlooked throughout the years and have 3 other albums that came before Meadows of Nostalgia that I also need to investigate. Well done. -Marty

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~ by martyworm on March 20, 2013.

4 Responses to “Imperium Dekadenz – Meadows of Nostalgia”

  1. Listening to one song. I would say that Secrets of the Moon and Dohecadron (SP?) and a few other German BM acts blow this to the wind. This is a bit bland and unoriginal.

  2. For the record; Dodecahedron is a dutch band.

  3. Freek – do me a favor, and just pretend you and I don’t exist on this site. I don’t like you, AT ALL. Let us pretend to be civil from here on out.

  4. Just pointing out a fact as I’m proud they’re dutch. You piss of very easily…

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