Gravewürm – Infernal Minions

Gravewurm_Ing (200x200)Say you’ve got a neighbor you loathe for [insert whatever slight here], and you’re trolling your collection for the most sonically offensive album amongst your bastion of extremity to blast through your windows. Well, if you arrive at the ‘Gs’ before finding an appropriate choice, allow me to suggest any Gravewürm recording as an effective retaliatory device. Guitarist/frontman Funeral Grave’s vocalizations actually match the visualizations such a namesake conveys, with a vomitous, demonic moon-howl that remains high, low, and cavernous all at once. If you know Gravewürm, you know they are an unabashed ode to the First Wave of Black Metal, choosing the path of ugliness in writing, packaging (check the awesome Kam Lee-created cover), performance, and most of all, intent. If you don’t know them, welcome to the most primal form of Extreme Metal available, an unholy amalgam of Beherit, Hellhammer, and Goatlord, sure to displease all but the most evil-ridden amongst us. Gravewürm, having plied their trade for over two decades, demonstrate a black-hearted dedication to their dastardly craft. Propagating clearly through your headphones are songs that rage like invisible Caco-Daemons, or any other deceptively primitive folk that are no less fearsome – in fact are all the more so – for an adept use of true and tried techniques. On Infernal Minions, GW turn once-familiar riffs and the occasional keyboard accent/rare melodic moment (a la early Burzum) onto the neckhole of their severed heads with odd, yet attention-grabbing juxtapositions of drum patterns and guitars. On both ‘The Beast of the Abyss’ and ‘I Die for Hell’, an impression that two songs are being played simultaneously arises at times, but the disparate approaches always converge, and together conjure up an original take on music of (and for) the accursed. Gravewürm exist for those that still love the sound of a demo tape wound with fingers full of hate. If you consider yourself one of these dirty, analog Infernal Minions, you’ve found you’re musical counterpart. If you’re looking for extreme music that’s clean and modern, well … you’d best run. -Jim

Hells Headbangers

~ by cliftonium on March 27, 2013.

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  1. If this site had emoticons, or handicons, i would post a big thumbs down on this.

  2. There are some samples here:

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