The Worm keeps turning…

Even though there is little in the form of reviews this week, we give you a massive in-depth interview with Ciaran McCloskey from the ever amazing band, Vex. Vex you say? Never heard of them. Well now you have and you do really need to hear them to be as equally amazed as we in the Worm Realm are.

Jim is out of town for a week with his family for work obligations, and I have been bogged down with work and other things as well. As I type this, the Arckanum interview is hopefully becoming a reality and review material already being claimed for future critiques.

This interview will keep you busy until our return next Wednesday.

Thanks for the inspection! We see you one playlist each…. what do you have to call with?

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Vex – Memorious
Coroner – Punishment for Decadence
Convulse – World Without God
Trouble – S/T
Lizzy Borden – Love you to Pieces
Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence (RIP Blackmoon!)
Skyclad – The Wayward Sons of Mother Earth
Summoning – Stronghold
Tension – Breaking Point
Thy Serpent – Lords of Twilight

Jim Clifton Playlist
Pentacle – …Rides the Moonstorm
Coroner – Death Cult Demo
Sig:Ar:Tyr – Beyond the North Winds
Reverend Bizarre – II: Crush the Insects
Metal Church – S/T
Arckanum – Fran Marder
Iron Maiden – Killers
Necrophobic – The Nocturnal Silence
Pestilence – Consuming Impulse
Necrocurse – Grip of the Dead


~ by martyworm on April 3, 2013.

14 Responses to “The Worm keeps turning…”

  1. Good Morning or Evening pending your place or cave dwelling.
    Ear Blasts this week:
    Spektr – Cypher
    Undergang – Indhentet Af Doden
    Eisenvater – II (if you have never heard this band, definetly check out ‘I’, ‘II’, and ‘III”. Fantastic band!!!!)
    The Chasm – Deathcult For Eternity: The Triumph & The Spell of Retribution
    Lawless – Nite of the Wolf
    Oblong Box – Demo
    Vatican Shadow – 3 albums on random
    And much of the same stuff from last week and the week before that

  2. Nachtmystium – Silencing Machine (didn’t like this one at first, slowly growing on me)
    Emperor – In The Nightside Eclipse
    SIG:AR:TYR – Sailing the Seas of Fate
    Sanctuary – Into the Mirror Black (fucking CLASSIC!)
    Dark Forest – Defender EP
    Darkthrone – Transilvanian Hunger, The Underground Resistance
    Iron Maiden – Killers, The Number of the Beast
    Ramones – It’s Alive
    Lou Reed – New York
    Robin Trower – For Earth Below

  3. \m/Hails\m/ on Sanctuary. Warrell Dane’s operatic pitch singing is a little much for many, but I think it is pure, unabashed Metal \m/

  4. A few items over the past few days…

    Goatmoon split with Azazel
    Boris, Smile
    Avulsed, Stabwound Orgasm and Yearning for the Grotesque
    Asphyx, Last One on Earth
    Obsequiae, Suspended…
    Ancient Necropsy, Three albums…

  5. Saw Sanctuary on the Mirror Black tour many years ago with Fates Warning headlining. Good times!

  6. So what do you guys think of Nevermore? I never really got into them, to me they lack the true Metal mojo that Sanctuary had in abundance.

    Cirkus-lizard> good call on the Boris, uploading it to my iPod right now!

    Having my morning coffee now with Skyclad’s Wayward Sons of Mother Earth blasting away, thanks for reminding me Marty!

  7. I’ve always enjoyed Nevermore, especially Dead Heart and Godless Endeavor. They certainly have “modern” influences which turn off some. A good blending of classic through modern (detuned) metal. They don’t touch the Sanctuary albums though…

    I need to get more Boris albums. Found Smile used about 7 months ago and really enjoy. Recommendations?

  8. I’ll give Dead Heart and Godless Endeavor a try some time.

    Ah Boris… Their discography is vast and very diverse, a lot of their records pretty hard to find. They play ultra-doomy sludge (Absolutego, Amplifier Worship, Akuma No Uta), heavy psychedelic garage rock (Pink, Smile), instrumental drone/postrock (Feedbacker, Dronevil) and lately they’re on a more accessible trip, incorporating indie rock and electronics into their heavy style (the trilogy Heavy Rock, Attention Please and New Album). If you like Smile I’d recommend you get Pink first. From there you can either go to the more doomy past (Amplifier Worship) or the more poppy present (Heavy Rock).

    Another way to put it: all their releases on Southern Lord are heavy as hell and are must haves imo. After that you’ll just have to listen for yourself.

  9. new Antediluvian (over and over)
    Balrog – Bestial Satanic Terror
    Canis Dirus – Anden Om Norr
    Chao – Spiritus Sankti
    Keep of Kalessin – Through Times of War
    Mitochondrion – Parasignosis
    Ash Borer – Bloodlands
    Moon – The Nine Gates
    Perdition – Svartidaudi split EP
    Svartidaudi – Flesh Cathedral
    Wormed – Exodromos
    new Vex
    Gorgasm – Orgy of Murder

  10. New Antediluvian??? AAAAH!!! Why didn’t anyone tell me?!

  11. Shit, it isn’t out yet. UA, how brilliant is it??

  12. It’s great. Totally immersive/atmospheric and death-worshiping. If you’re a fan of their last album this new one won’t disappoint you at all. But it’ll “officially” be out really soon…

  13. Can’t wait!

  14. Scorpions- Taken by Force
    Danzig- Deth Red Saboth
    Mercyful Fate- Melissa

    Sanctuary = classic. Nevermore = pass, though DHiaDW was decent.

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