Streaming: Arckanum – “Hatarnir”

Worm Gear in cooperation with Arckanum and Season of Mist Records bring you an exclusive streaming track from the bands 8th full-length album, Fenris Kindir!

With material seemingly more potent and expertly composed, along with a full production that breathes a firestorm into this album, Fenris Kindir stands as yet another memorable and very interesting addition to the Arckanum pantheon of releases. arckanum

Shamaatae is an ever prolific songwriter and multi-instrumentalist that has been perfecting his own unique take on the black metal continuum by way of stripping down unnecessary complexities in order to achieve a poignant and deadly union of mysticism and anti-cosmic urgency. “Hatarnir” stood out as a favorite for this Worm scribe as it so perfectly captures said urgency and that underlying clangy punk fist to the face of the universe style.

For a more in-depth critique of Fenris Kindir, check out the review that published in last weeks Worm Gear update! Enjoy the track!

~ by martyworm on April 22, 2013.

3 Responses to “Streaming: Arckanum – “Hatarnir””

  1. This song fucking rips! Man it is great!

  2. […] från Mora, på Season of Mist, ger också ut nytt. Fenris Kindir släpps 10 maj, och strömmar Hatarnir som kryllar av snygga baklängesfigurer mot […]

  3. […] disco, “Fenris Kindir”. La nueva pista, titulada Hatarnir se estrenó a través de Wormgear. “Fenriz Kindir” está programado para un lanzamiento mundial el 10 de mayo (14 de mayo […]

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