We must be one with darkened earth…

The worms return from their slumber in the dirt with ripe reviews! The sudden profusion of life in the heat of early summer has kept all of us occupied with new responsibilities and challenges all around, but it appears that we’ve oriented ourselves once again to a world considerably greener and brighter by the day. Marty shares his thoughts on the latest, odd deathgrind of The Senseless, Jim gives his judgement on the debut EP of surreal death metal by Bölzer, and Jake ponders on the psychedelic folk rock of Hexvessel, the Emperor-esque black metal of Monarque, and the mystic psalms of Hammemit. As always, more exciting material is brewing in the deepest chasms of the worm heart, but until then, these reviews should prove a more than ample portion of obscure music. -Jake

Marty Rytkonen
Dead Can Dance – The Serpent’s Egg
Dead Can Dance – Spleen and Ideal
Scanner – Hypertrace (Reissue)
Carcass – Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
V/A – The Absolute Supper 2CD
Whiplash – Ticket to Mayhem
Panopticon – Collapse
Vektor – Outer Isolation
Woodtemple – Voices of Pagan Mountains
The Cure – Seventeen Seconds

Jim Clifton
Sabbat – Envenom
Sacriphyx – The Western Front
Arckanum – Fenris Kindir
Faustcoven – Hellfire and Funeral Bells
Pig Destroyer – Book Burner
Bathory – Nordland I
Nominon – The Cleansing
Ataraxy – Revelations of the Ethereal
In Solitude – S/T
Victor Griffin’s In-Graved – S/T

Jake Moran
Raising Holy Sparks – Kara Sevda (mostly this, on repeat, all week)
Midnight Odyssey – Firmament
Colleen – Weighing of the Heart
White Medal – Alone As Owt
Angel Olsen – Half Way Home
Romannis Mötte – Kozmische
Troum – Eald-Ge-Stréon
Richard Moult – Rodorlihtung
Amorphis – The Karelian Isthmus
Hammemit – Everything


~ by jakemoran on May 22, 2013.

10 Responses to “We must be one with darkened earth…”

  1. Summoning – Dol Guldur
    Summonig – Minas Morgul
    Emperor – In the Nightside Eclipse
    Emperor – Anthems to the Welkin at Dust
    Behemoth – Evangelion
    Nile – At the Gates of Sethu
    Amebix – No Sanctuary: The Spiderleg Recordings
    Discharge – War is Hell
    Napalm Death – From Enslavement to Obliteration
    Napalm Death – Scum
    Asphyx – Asphyx
    Asphyx – God Cries
    Blaspherian – Infernal Warriors of Death
    Hellhammer – Demon Entrails
    Dishammer – Vintage Addiction
    Dishammer – Under the Sign of the D-Beat Mark
    Banished From Inferno – Minotaur (KILLER!!!)
    Rene Hell – The Terminal Symphony
    Leyland Kirby – Sadly, The Future Is No Longer What It Was

  2. I have a playlist for ya on my new radio show:
    URL: http://www.coreofdestructionradio.com
    Show Name: Contamination Conquest (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Contamination-Conquest/381586248616941?ref=stream)
    Time: Saturday’s 9PM – 11PM Pacific Standard Time
    Content: The Best Death Metal and Blackened Death Metal from late 80’s to Present

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  3. Really enjoyed listening to this with WG crew last night; excellent song selections! Also, you happened to play my favorite Binah song – so I happily annoyed Marty by banging my head right next to him 😉

  4. Yeah Patrick…. good show. Was a lot of fun. And thanks for the plug!

  5. Freek – i just got the Dishammer record ‘Vintage Addiction’ in the mail a few days. Killer album!!
    Jake, you are bringing some wild cool shit to the table. I dig it!

  6. @Freek – I’m glad to see the Leyland Kirby. I’ve been delaying on picking that one up…

    @Patrick – Thanks! It’s good to know that my outlandish tastes are welcome (or at least tolerated) around here

  7. Eviltails> Indeed! Simple and sleazy, hits the spot. Another Machetazo sideproject you should check out is Banished From Inferno. More traditional Death Metal but fucking AWESOME!

    Jake> Pick it up man! It’s epic (three CDs!) and very, very haunting. Walking a fine line between melancholic and downright creepy, like most of his stuff. Ambient for the black metal kids. And thanks for posting Amorphis, haven’t heard that one in a while.

  8. Hard to go wrong with early material by The Cure, and a big thumbs-up for the lost sci-fi speed metal classic of ‘Hypertrace’; arguably the best Helloween album that Helloween didn’t record 🙂

    Awhile back there was some discussion about 70s-era ‘Proto Metal’ bands. Found the thread below over at Waxidermy and thought it might interest those who were curious about this style of Bonehead Rawk. Several of the links don’t work anymore, but many of them are still active. Bands featured range from the common (Black Sabbath) to respected underground (Sir Lord Baltimore, Leaf Hound), to totally unknown (Iron Claw, Fresh Blueberry Pancake). Enjoy digging through them.


    Am putting together an ipod playlist along somewhat similar lines, though incorporating more 80s material. All songs that scream “crank it retro style” 🙂
    Here’s what it includes so far:
    Riot- Overdrive
    ” “- warrior
    Bow Wow- silver lightning
    Impeccable- Seashore
    ” “- traces of time
    Hand of Doom- hand of doom
    Sinner- blue tattoo
    Warzwolf- animal love
    Cirith Ungol- frost and fire
    ” “-better off dead
    Axxe- through the night
    ” ‘- rock away the city
    High Spirits- another night in the city
    etc. Should be fun to drive too- viva la ‘Wheels of Fire’ 🙂

    Blind Guardian- Somewhere Far Beyond
    Blind Guardian- Imaginations from the Other Side
    Venom- s/t (the southern hard rock band form the early 80s, not the other one 😉 )
    Witchcraft- s/t
    Corsair- s/t
    Pearl Handle Band- s/t
    Random 80s metal singles by bands like Dead Heat, Hot Shot, Nothin Nice, Uforia, etc.

  9. There was a compilation cd series (4 volumes I believe) called Heavy Seventies a long time ago. Don’t remember which label but it was crammed with the respected underground and totally unknown as you call it, REALLY good stuff. A guy I knew (he was friendly with the Roadburn gang when they just began and deep into the proto-metal/stoner stuff) ripped it for me 15 years ago but I can’t find the CD-Rs anymore… Wish I kept them on my harddrive. Anyone knows of these? I’ve been googling but can’t find them yet. BTW if you google Heavy Seventies you find a lot of other goodies… \m/

    Hell yeah Cirith Ungol!!! And Corsair!

  10. Contamination Conquest Show #2 download link (including playlist): http://www.mediafire.com/?p9ftvfx2g68cdgn

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