Even in the afterlife, there’s work to do…

Arckanum interview received! We were a bit concerned there for a while, but Shamaatae has risen from his woodland isolation to share with all of you a brief glimpse into his world. Jim has sharpened his digital teeth on the Mystic Charm re-issue to fall deeper into a state of dungeon cult death/doom/black unholiness, while Jake ponders his move for next weeks update. The Graveland career retrospective is taking shape and we are all being crushed by the 1’s and 0’s that arrive daily in our email inboxes. If I hear one more retro/reinvented/redundant thrash band bringing the mosh to the modern world, i think I’m going to vomit on my Testament and Exodus albums in protest for all the festering poo they have inspired. Yeah… I guess I’ll leave it at that. Cya next week! Keep us busy with those playlists and comments! Tell your friends and families about us. We’re all nice gentlemen. -Marty

Marty Rytkonen Playlist

Kreator – Pleasure to Kill
Carcass – Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious
Manilla Road – Mysterium
Realmbuilder – Fortifications of the Pale Architect
Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
Disma – The Vault of Membros
Necrocurse – Grip of the Dead
Reverend Bizarre – Harbinger of Metal
Running Wild – Gates to Purgatory
Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn

Jim Clifton Playlist
Bolt Thrower – Mercenary
Bolt Thrower – Warmaster
Sepultura – Beneath the Remains
Mötörhead – Ace of Spades
Midnight Odyssey – Funerals from the Astral Sphere
Paradise Lost – Lost Paradise
Sort Vokter – Folkloric Necro Metal
Therion – Of Darkness
Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger
Obituary – Cause of Death / World Demise

Jake Moran Playlist
Kinit Her – Storm of Radiance
Bolt Thrower – …For Victory
Midnight Odyssey – Firmament
Ladyhunter – Philosopher’s Game
Massacra – Final Holocaust
At the Gates – The Red in the Sky is Ours
Elim Bolt – Nude South
Chagas + Schafer – Everything

~ by martyworm on June 5, 2013.

21 Responses to “Even in the afterlife, there’s work to do…”

  1. Damn dogs, only one review. You guys are slacking… hahahaha
    This Mystic Charm is really fucking cool Reminds me a little of Timeghoul and somewhat of Samael’s Worship HIm. ( a little) Good interview as well. Wished he talked more about the new album.

    Alright bitches, I got my Bolzer record in, so that is on my playlist now, and:
    Verminous – Unholy Communion (if you don’t know this band and are a Death Metal fan, well you have issues. Get their 1st one and this one too.)
    Nifelhiem – Servants of Darkness
    Rotting Christs Demos and 7″s
    Nun Slaughter – Hell’s Unholy Fire
    Sabbat – Envenom
    Nekrofilth – Worship Destruction
    Obsessor – Demo 4

    You are all welcome to come and listen to my show this Saturday night 9PM PST, 11CST, 12 EST and 6AM Euro time roughly – http://www.coreofdestruction.com
    Gonna have some excellent tunes. Lots of filthy demo action and some new stuff as well in the realm of Death and Blackened Death. And if you are buys, you can always go to Contamination Conquests Facebook page and find the playlist and archived show to stream or download. Or dont’. hehe.

  2. Yeah, we’ve been slacking – I do intend to have a healthier dose next week!
    Did you get the Bolzer from an American distro? HHR said they were getting it, but I haven’t seen it yet …

  3. Playlists look like you all saw Bolt Thrower recently eh… Lucky bastards.

    Listening habits:
    Pestilence – everything. Patrick Mameli could very well be the best songwriter in Death Metal since Chuck Schuldiner. In my humble and ever changing opinion of course.
    Burzum – Sôl austan, Mâni vestan. Not sure what to think of it. But being a total Burzum fanboy I’ll investigate some more.
    Lääz Rockit – Know Your Enemy & Annihilation Principle. Fucking brilliant, this stuff makes me happy. Just ordered the Massacre reissues (remastered, bonus live tracks and all) to replace my ancient CD copies.
    Metal Church – The Dark
    Kylesa – Ultraviolet. Very much impressed by this one.
    Arckanum – Fenris Kindir
    Azaghal – Nemesis & Teraphim
    Humiliation – Turbulence from the Deep.

    Eviltails> Checked out some Eisenvater, sounds very good indeed! On the list for future purchases…

  4. Two of those playlists should be called “What we listened to in the car to/from Chicago (for Bolt Thrower).”

    What the hell, I’ll round it out.

    Isengard – Vinterskugge
    Burzum – Hvis Lyset Tar Oss
    Suffocation – Effigy of the Forgotten
    Cryptopsy – None So File
    Agalloch – The Mantle
    Bolt Thrower – For Victory
    Massacra – Final Holocaust & Enjoy the Violence
    Sepultura – Beneath the Remains & Morbid Visions
    Midnight Odyssey – Firmament
    At the Gates – The Red In the Sky Is Ours

  5. I got the record and bolzer t-shirt (fucking cool as well) from Iron Bonehead. At the time, I had no idea how it was going to be distro’d and I am an impatient bastard for really good music.

    Right on Freek. Glad you did.

    I think I need to just get this Burzum record and decide for myself. I think it will be a tough one indeed.

    Also about Burzum, there is a bootleg Cd out everywhere called Denstore Samligen. Supposedly, it is a bunch of 7″s Burzum did, but I am not sure if that is true or not. What it is are other recordings of songs released on earlier Burzum records. I haven’t gotten through the whole thing, but I recommend it if you are a big Burzum fan like me or Freek or whoever…

    Listening to the Bolzer right now! Jesus, this is just so cool! Sounds totally original, new and fresh!

  6. Truth! And a happy one it is \m/

  7. I am gonna put this Mystic Charm on my radio show next week. Just got the promo from Memento Mori. I’ll mention you reviewed it and all that shiz. Its one big evil deathly love fest here. Yikes! I gotta start more of a cranky dick again.

  8. Indeed eviltails, what the fuck happened? We haven’t had an argument here in ages…

  9. Bolzer = Riff Master! Just guitars, vocals and drums like old Samael. No bass

  10. Haha, that sounds killer man. The word needs to get out about the Mystic Charm reissue so others may enjoy its rotting glory. Thanks in advance for the mention \m/

  11. It’s genius. I can’t stop playing ‘Aura’s three tracks. I really need it on wax!

  12. I’ll 4th that. My favorite metal I’ve heard all year so far.

  13. I went ahead just now and ordered Bölzer from Iron Bonehead. Only $22 after euro conversion, not bad \m/

  14. yeah it ain’t bad. good choice. i wouldn’t let that one get away from you. i can testify to the quality of the release on vinyl. first class. since it s only 3 songs on a 12 and on 45rpm, the volume and sound quality on the record is top notch!

  15. Another excellent release is Kersaphorous ‘Necronaut’ on Nuclear War Now. This is 2 songs on a fucking 12″! WTF? Anyways, this is the first thing I think I actually like of Pete Helmkamp’s since Order From Chaos. The song writing is incredible. Much better than the prior Kersaphorous release. Highly recommened. Pete returns to his old ‘Crushed Infamy’ bass sound (ala old Sodom) and tons of cool bass playing in the background amidst excellent guitar work and drumming.

  16. One more to recommend: New demo by a band called Atum on bandcamp. Sick dirty but very well executed Death Metal. here is the link (and it is fucking free, so do yourself a favor and get it): http://atumuk.bandcamp.com/

  17. Finally (maybe) – The VHK Jake reviewed is available in the USA on vinyl via ‘Thrill Jockey’. I bought one, which should leave only 2 left (as of three days ago). If you like this record, and like vinyl, get it now or forever hold your junk in alimony!

  18. Evil…> The Burzum bootleg is bogus as far as I can see. Those 7″s never existed?! Sôl austan, Mâni vestan is a grower, be sure to get that one.
    Just downloaded Atum, loading it on the iPod now…

    And yes, I’ll join the party; Aura is very, VERY good, been playing the tracks on soundcloud a lot. Alas I’m broke. Waiting for a tax refund that’ll give me some air, hopefully in time before the 500 copies are gone… And I want that red t-shirt too! \m/

  19. Sweet! Will check out both \\mm//

  20. One comment on the interview with Arckanum – I am like him, in the sense I prefer dirtier productions for DM / BM, but what confused me about his comment was that the only record of his i felt really encompassed that aesthetic was his latest. PPPPPPPPPPP was really a clean and polished production.

  21. Last nights show ‘ Contamination Conquest ‘ playlist and archive here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/su33140kzm4d41q/Conconq_S4_6.8.13.zip

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