Beyond – Fatal Power of Death

Beyond Cover Artwork Album (199x200)In much the same way Dark Descent’s impressive release schedule last year had a significant impact upon my playlist roster, so to does Iron Bonehead’s output in 2013 continue to bathe my ears in the blessed black. Germany’s Beyond are filthmeister’s of the highest order, delivering blazing DM dredged from the depths of the Rhine river. Vocalist/Guitarist Roland M. takes the charge with the ancient baked-in-reverb bark in hand, delivering it high in the mix with the cadence of a demonic Sgt Hartman; indeed, a sense that listener disobedience will result in one scrubbing toilets in Hell is palpable. Eschewing (in most moments) the outright originality of labelmates Bölzer for worship at the Altars of Madness, Beyond nevertheless season their cadaver casserole with cavernous (yet clear) production, tightness, and, occasionally, just plain weirdness that places them upon the higher echelon of the OSDM acolytes. The odd dose of Death/Doom here, downpicks there break up the continuous midrange-eq’d onslaught that makes up the bulk of album and, just when you smugly declare you can fully predict all that’s to come from Fatal Power of Death, the fourth (and title) track completely changes direction halfway though, welcoming you with female-choir synths and a melodic guitar line that shocks you with an impact the equivalent of mainlining crayons into your colorless, decaying veins. Thus you are beckoned to sojourn onward, and more surprises await. ‘Schizopsychotic Function’ climaxes with a Classic Metal outro riff specifically designed to snap the neck of any aging hesher, and no, there isn’t a trace of irony here – each note exemplifies pure unadulterated heaviness for the hardened heart. Up next, the disharmonic tremolo guitars and agonized howls of ‘Appearance From Beyond’ trap you in a Luciferian funhouse of dying clowns and warped sonic imagery. And in what maybe the most unique track, closer ‘Consuming Black Void’, a concoction of minor-key harmonies and ambience, completely embodies the promise inherent in its title as a galactic journey into aural oblivion. So here, fellow seeker, is what we are left with: a compelling album, not altogether groundbreaking, but an absolute contender for repeat plays and, most importantly, a vivid display of a band’s strong present and suspense-filled future. -Jim

Iron Bonehead

~ by cliftonium on June 12, 2013.

4 Responses to “Beyond – Fatal Power of Death”

  1. Holy shit dogs is this good! Nice one Jimbo.

  2. Now this is fucking Death Metal!!!!! This and the Verminous I think are going to be my top for a while. Cant wait to buy this badass piece of Death.

  3. the promo is heading my way and I am gonna be playing both promo songs on soundcloud this saturday fo’sho!

  4. Killah! These guys deserve the nod; glad you dig ’em too \m/

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