Fyrnask – Eldir Nótt

fyrnaskGermany’s Fynrask isn’t a band on the lips of many so called black metal followers, and it is a shame, for this one manned project unleashes some of the most vibrantly dismal hymns I have heard in some time. Having heard and enjoyed Fyrnd’s debut full-length, Bluostar, due to the impressive level of layering and vision that debut presented, I am a bit blown away at the level of depth/evolution that has risen on Eldir Nótt. We all know that bands tend to strike with their most hungry material early on as that debut release has had the majority of time invested in creatively sculpting the material into something worthy of release. The gap between albums once a project is established tends to produce hurried or rehashed results in a lot of cases, making even a good band lose their spark as they struggle to keep up with demand, or contractual obligations. Of course this is a generalization and not all bands fall victim to this. Fyrnask have simply buried the odds here with a full albums worth of nightmarish and theatrical blackness that burrows into your mind, somehow reversing time to make 50 minutes dissolve in an instant. I was quite surprised at how quickly it all slipped by as I immediately became submerged in the journey that is Eldir Nótt.
The striking tone of this album centers upon a static charged sounding guitar tone that roils in a cavernous storm of dissonant riffs that infect the mind with chilling atmosphere in spite of the harsh energy ripping from its core. This is the driving force that is further embellished with non metal/vision building segments of sound and music as found on the amazing Samas Stigr where the ending of the track gives way to militaristic keys/piano, a hammer dulcimer (??) and soothing chants that play out like a procession from another dimension. The results are soothing if not a bit unsettling and such a flair for the dramatic becomes an integral part of many of the tracks and the overall atmosphere of this entire album. Vocally, Fyrnd’s attack writhes in the disembodied style of harsh/piercing screams from a forgotten spirit, made even more mystical by the blankets of reverb soaking the sound spectrum with misery and lyrical decay. From penetrating levels of dense black metal abandon, to quieter segments of music where distortion is replaced by clean guitars and subtle traditional instrumentation as witnessed on Siaidha, Fyrnd builds up and strips away to heighten impact for what translates as a very emotional and purely creative listening experience.
Eldir Nótt could very easily be one of those albums for the ages that people keep going back to and revere right along side such classics as In the Nightside Eclipse. A bold statement I know, but the level of musical development and transcendence through world building visions is operating at a superior level rarely touched upon by black metal music at large. Engaging. Inspired. Endlessly frightening. -Marty
Temple of Torturous

~ by martyworm on July 31, 2013.

7 Responses to “Fyrnask – Eldir Nótt”

  1. A hammered dulcimer -> http://people.delphiforums.com/SIGN543/Dulcimer_hands.jpg

  2. More hammered dulcimer:

    Seems like a mandatory listen. Comparing it to In the Nightside Eclipse dammit… How can we NOT check it out?!

  3. This doesn’t sound like Emperor…. my bad in inferring that comparison. Rather, I was meaning it was influential in the same way an album like In the Nightside Eclipse was. The layers and depth mainly. Cheers.

  4. No bad on your account, I understood you were not meaning they sound the same. Still, comparing it to the status of In the Nightside Eclipse will send any extreme metal fan that takes your word running to the store hehehe…

  5. I was blown away after listening to the promo-copy. How can this project be so unknown? One of the strongest releases in this genre, in the last couple of years. Great review!

  6. Many thanks for checking it out!

  7. Shit… Released september 23rd?! Man that’s cruel, reviewing an album like this that won’t be released for another month and a half… You writers with your advance promos you!

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