Humiliation – Turbulence from the Deep

humiliationLet’s face it… if you’ve heard Bolt Thrower and you don’t like or love Bolt Thrower, all indications point to the fact that you’re not a man. Yes…. your penis has atrophied and fallen off. Having said that, do I really want to hear a lesser band doing all they can to emulate an already perfect sound? Well maybe. Color me curious. My penis is after all still intact and apparently so are the collective schlongs of Humiliation for they obviously LOVE Bolt Thrower to. Unfortunately…
Turbulence in the Deep is a Malaysian quintet’s lackluster version of much greater things established in England. The riffs are borrowed, the guitar sound is stolen and even the beefy production screams Bolt Thrower. The problem is, Humiliation doesn’t know what to do with it, or have they yet figured out how to steal the key component needed to write an authentic BT song with the same vitality and war torn fire that only Gavin and Barry possess. The bottom line, this album is painfully boring. As it progresses, even after repeated listens, the songs exert zero life or go anywhere interesting. Vocally, Bear-Bee (not a typo…. this is his listed name) is trying to show off his own deep DM growls with some results, but again… the lyrics fall on the beat of every chord in a painfully predictable manner so that there is no variation here to save us. It ends now…
Humiliation are going at this all wrong, although I appreciate the effort. It was damn difficult to find any redeeming qualities on Turbulence in the Deep. Curious? Really… don’t trouble yourself. -Marty

~ by martyworm on July 31, 2013.

3 Responses to “Humiliation – Turbulence from the Deep”

  1. Bonus points for hilarious and very true (of course! I don’t want to appear penis-less!) opening lines. Sadly I agree with you. And I really tried to like this one, finding the band somehow very sympathetic and liking their early work a lot. But this one: very boring…

  2. Zahler and Jim both in the past have encouraged me to check these guys out. Turbulence wasn’t the place to start it seems!

  3. Neh, you’d do better checking their debut EP Face the Disaster or their debut album Dawn of Warfare. Bolt Thrower/Asphyx worship but done incredibly well!

    Check this live recording of Dawn’s opening track:

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