Deals Death – Point Zero Solution

deals deathArising from obscurity (sans demo) to an album deal is always suspect to my jaded old ass. Either you know someone on the inside, or you fit a commercial niche that bigger labels look for when trying to capitalize on someone elses big thing. Just 4 short years and 3 full-lengths later, Sweden’s Deals Death are polishing all the rough edges out of the melodic death metal (?) sound for that chic slickness that’ll find your well groomed mugs all over the glossy metal rags overseas. In all fairness, Point Zero Solution isn’t a horrible release, as it sits quite comfortably alongside more commercially viable bands like Scar Symmetry, Hypocrisy and Dark Tranquillity (all of which DD has shared the stage with), but bands like Hypocrisy (I would say DD’s biggest musical influence) just have more of a history behind them and level of abrasion to their sound that holds true for me in-spite of their commercial status.
Deals Death plays symphonic melodic death metal. Even though this has been done to death over the years, you have to have quality songs to hold the attention of someone who would rather be listening to Bolzer right now. Sure I will likely never listen to this album again after this review is completed, but DD are proficient at their instruments and can craft a noteworthy hook to keep the ear interested and craving the polished pop sensibilities of something like this. Let’s face it… bands like Deals Death are essentially pop music for fans of metal and appeal to a wider fanbase. Their music is readily accessible in execution, aesthetics both visually and “creatively”, all the way down to sometimes cringe worthy musical and vocal ideas and let’s not forget the professional photo shoots and ease of ownership since this “product” is in all the shops. A half million youtube video views don’t lie… a lot of you have fallen into the corporate cogs of the metal machine… you should be ashamed and really need to dig deeper for something with more honesty and conviction. With a competent high register screamer, a digitally processed to the hilt production and grandiose synth/orchestral textures, Point Zero Solution is popular metal by numbers. Again, props for the talent obviously on display here, but Deals Death are a forgettable exercise in “been there, done that and want to forget that”.
This is what the new converts/metal minded youth are flocking to these days… musical wallpaper. Every generation falls into the same gouged out and obvious ruts left behind by a giant and still profitable scene (apparently). The faces and sounds are the same, just young again and in a fancy new leather coat. -Marty
Spinefarm Records/Universal Music

~ by martyworm on August 21, 2013.

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