Zemial – Nykta

zemialThe fact that Nykta, the 3rd full-length from the Greek Zemial, is the product of the mind and soul of the amazing multi-instrumentalist Archon Vorskaath (also been affiliated with Agatus, Alpha Centauri, Crimson Moon and the Watcher), takes me to the furthest reaches of the blown mind universe. I have always been drawn to the magic woven by this musical entity, for Zemial were a different breed of thrashing black heavy epic metal beast that were unconcerned with peoples reaction to his risk taking and often expansive exploratory musical development, which rang true like the funeral bells of war with the overlooked and misunderstood opus, In Momentum. That album really struck me as a special moment in Zemial’s quest. Following up the unique occultic thrash masterpiece, Face of the Conqueror with an epic heavy metal album seemed bipolar, but it worked so well right down to the last note. It’s ok to disagree with me there, although you are wrong. The blunt/rounded off production gave it a battle weary atmosphere and depressively haunting feel which the music so expertly personified, it was impossible not to be affected in some way after repeated listens. But Nykta returns from the realms of a war ravaged dimension, with all senses finely tuned and ravenous for another attack on the mind, the soul and eager to take the fight deep into the heart of the cosmos. And Archon doesn’t stop there.
Nykta is an all-encompassing embodiment of Archon’s musical history working as Zemial. This album functions within the superbly unique black thrash style that has always been the core element of expression for this band, but the “epic metal” elements have become such an important mainstay of the end result that it is hard to envision Zemial without such superior solo work and traditional flair for song alchemy that marches to the pulsating light from a dying star. And to the stars we ascend with tracks like “The Small” and “Pharos” (this one is a 14 min middle eastern influenced world builder of a track that closes the album) with psychedelic moments that embrace effortless prog instrumentation and even Pink Floydian jam elements where the vibe licks the heavens like encircling smoke from an ancient pipe. The organ/vintage synth work has always been a part of Zemial lurking in the background, but for Nykta, it becomes an even more integral element of mood sculpting originality to even further set this project apart and beyond from the glut of bands existing within the genre Zemial shares the most similarities. The end of the album flows into theatrical musical exploration and is completely rewarding. The first half is equally as rewarding thanks to the aforementioned thrash vengeance where endlessly punchy and memorable palm muted gallop riffs explode with conviction and an obvious sense of “been there, owned it, reworked it and made it so much better than the thrash glut of the 80’s”. What makes this album work and hold together is throughout the many varying styles and shifting dynamics that come and go, it all still sounds like Zemial and it is infinitally interesting to me what he does with his riffs and how he shapes them into such a behemoth of an album.
Zemial for lack of a better term, is indeed a “weird” band. And by weird, I mean amazing, for no one else out there sounds like like them, nor can they come close to the vision emanating from the soul of this music, or the endless talent of its creator. That may be off putting to some, or difficult to comprehend for others, and that is ok! With Nykta it seems that Archon Vorskaath has halfway closed the door on the distant past and is looking deep into the dark matter at the end of the galaxy to wormhole his way into a whole new avenue of inspiration and longevity. May his vessel steer forever long and deep into the unknown. Nykta contains something for everyone in the metal realm, or orbiting around its creative core. I will be obtaining this one on vinyl on it’s October 31 release date! -Marty
Hell’s Headbangers

~ by martyworm on September 25, 2013.

5 Responses to “Zemial – Nykta”

  1. This is an incredible release! Can’t wait to get this bad boy.

  2. but i would add that the cover sucks and all graphic design as well. doesn’t capture the essence of this music I think.

  3. agreed on the bland cover, but i look forward to hearing it. i hope (but doubt) zemial can match the beauty and grandness and greatness of their previous best song—

    it’s like grey islands candlemass mixed with wishbone ash— just spectacular stuff.

  4. “It’s ok to disagree with me there, although you are wrong”

    Hahaha… For this, I salute you dear sir. Will check this out.

  5. You made me check out In Momentum; listened to it today during a walk under sunny autumn skies and hell(enic) yes, this is AWESOME! Have to find me a physical copy asap. Plus check out Face of the Conquerer. And mark october 31th on the calender.

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