Harm – Cadaver Christi

harmSwedish influenced death metal with a pension for the classic era of the sound certainly isn’t a fresh cadaver exhumed from Berlin holy ground, but Germany’s Harm are trying their damnedest to reanimate this tattered and dusty corpse and make it walk again.

Cadaver Christi for all intensive purposes, is enjoyable in it’s ruptured sickness thanks to the detuned and thick as a mausoleum guitar tone along with well written, if not completely safe riffs/songs eating up the 10 tracks on this album. Many of these riffs we have heard before, in slightly different arrangements and notes that make up the guitar parts, but even that doesn’t deter me from getting into the bulk of this album. 2 things that set Harm apart from their peers is more of a focus on mid-ranged/plodding tracks, but they do also employ that pleasingly sloppy old-styled blast of speed as found on the title track. Also Blitzkrieg Barkley’s drunken screams can put me in mind of Don Cochino from Pungent Stench on occasion, which trickles into the messy punk simplicity of tracks like Blood for God. Cadaver Christi is good, if not a bit on the average side, but it all works as Harm revels in the old spirit of the death metal genre to wallow in the filthy nostalgia boiling out of this mash of rancid offal.

Perhaps Harm are in the wrong era for trying to make a bloody splash with Cadaver Christi, but I’m also from that glorious moment in time that modern death metal would seemingly like to forget, so I say more power to them. There may be nothing here on display that demands you forsake the classics of the genre, but it’s obvious this quartet are following their musical passion and having a blast while doing it. Where’s the “Harm” in that? Jeesh… I told myself I wasn’t going to do that… -Marty
FDA Rekotz

~ by martyworm on October 23, 2013.

One Response to “Harm – Cadaver Christi”

  1. Bands like these can’t be expected to come up with something totally new and original, I’m just glad this kind of old school filth still is made with a passion. Will definitely investigate this. FDA Rekotz seems to be quite a reliable source for this type of death. Even the earlier Entrails records they released are pretty tasteful in my opinion.

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