Necrophobic – Womb of Lilithu

necrophobicThere is a slick underlying strand of commercialism that Necrophobic hints at with Womb of Lilithu in the form of songs like Splendour of Nigri Solis that tinker with catchier riffs and movement within the song. The result is less malevolent and dare I say more “upbeat”, which as a long time follower and fan of this band, this doesn’t sit well.

Astaroth is a better representation of older Necrophobic with fluid d-beat speed and harmony bloated tremolo riffs that unlock the ancient feeling of Swedish blackened death. My main problem with this album is the overall production. There is no bite in the guitars, giving Womb of Lilithu a very rounded off and non-threatening presence. Even longtime vocalist Tobias Sidegard (now out of the band due to domestic abuse charges…. good riddance) sounds less rattled and just as dry as the tone trying to rise from this album. His performance is busy and complex as he litters the riffs with vocabulary, following the guitar parts too closely which in turn highlights the more accessible flow of this material. Perhaps they’re gleaning a bit of influence off from the success earned by Watain and trying to meld their style to embrace more of an open minded and catchy delivery? Whatever the case, I see Womb of Lilithu as a departure for Necrophobic even though there are still some great riffs and powerful songwriting as on tracks like Black Night Raven and Asmodee on display here. Perhaps this is the case of a neutered production bringing down the whole house of cards. Even though it is good to have every instrument audible and in your face, I find myself not being engaged by the loss of nostalgic aggression and the too clinical manner in which it is all presented. Then tracks like The Necromancer opt for more of an expansive attempt at epic songwriting with symphonic arrangements and choral background vocals that brings to mind Dimmu Borgir and are simply out of place on a Necrophobic album.

I have to give the band a nod of appreciation for trying something new and perhaps repeated listens here will unlock more of their intention and win me over, but as it stands, Womb of Lilithu feels like an awkward transitional stage for Necrophobic. Death to All was so much better than this and I hope once all the negative media buzz settles down and the band can secure a new vocalist, they will return stronger and get back to the business of being Necrophobic. -Marty
Season of Mist

~ by martyworm on October 30, 2013.

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