Bones – Sons of Sleaze

bonesWith that Murder One reminiscent bass throttle open wide and rattling beneath/filling out the guitar sound, it is easy to draw comparisons between Chicago’s filth metal hounds and the muse for legions of heavy rock-n-roll heshers, Motorhead. The simplistic, though catchy movement in the tracks also helps sell the fact that Bones are shameless Lemmy disciples that will likely work for free beer and maybe enough scratch on the side to replace a blown speaker cone. Add a more uglified metal persona to the guitar tone and strained screaming style and you have a bluesmetalbarband that will aid you successfully on your merry way to inebriation. Tight roto-tom fills cut through this raw production and demonstrate that the drummer at the helm has been practicing and fights to keep this power trio together and ready to kill as a unified force. The 12 songs that comprises Sons of Sleaze come and go with little surprise (other than Bones’ blasting rendition of Terroroizer’s Fear of Napalm), yet entertain in their brief hack-n-punch delivery.

Though I don’t find myself investigating this style of metal/punk/rock often, my time here was spent enjoying the beating I was receiving. It helps when the band’s obvious love for the music being created spills forth so effortlessly and with a ruthless fire, that it’s hard to deny the conviction on display. -Marty
Planet Metal

~ by martyworm on November 13, 2013.

One Response to “Bones – Sons of Sleaze”

  1. nice brief review. killer album. first album is incredible as well.

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