Profanatica – Thy Kingdom Cum

profanaticaPaul Ledney’s parents must have drug him to church a lot and put him through a seriously brutal round of religious indoctrination, because he’s been working overtime for 23 years to undo any religious do gooding inflicted upon him. Thy Kingdom Cum is yet another demented stab at the loving lords nether regions with a ravenous spike of primitive black dripping death metal.

Punk undertones swarm beneath the surface and give this material a furious edge while simplistic hooks spill out of swollen unholy members with perverse urgency. Ledney and John Gelso beat on these guitar riffs mercilessly with blunt though poignant repetition enough to make them stick. The nature of the riffs again is endlessly simplistic, but there is a definite charm and memorable quality to what’s being played so that there is something concrete and enjoyable to keep coming back to when you just want to headbang and get lost in something loud and completely blasphemous. Yes the music is very well written, but the leading edge of this rib splitting spear goes to Ledney’s cancerous and just plain filthy vocals. He sounds like he’s vomiting on gods child over and over again with his reeking black chime that burns with an acidic quality. He unleashes a performance like no other and his determination to keep creating music under the Profanatica banner after all these years is to be commended.

Thy Kingdom Cum has little to offer in the form of something new or artistic, but Profanatica have once again dripped their infected seed upon the land in defiance of all things godly with a very solid, straight to the point and down right entertaining slab of religious desecration. So many people think that flowery arrangements and atmosphere translates to “evil” musically… I’m sorry, but Profanatica and Ledney’s solo work with Havohej sprays black shit on that statement and once again shows the world that US blackness still rules and isn’t quite right in the head. -Marty
Hell’s Headbangers Records

~ by martyworm on December 4, 2013.

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