Mortal Decay – The Blueprint for Blood Splatter

mortal decayNot a genre I gravitate towards often as the brutal death metal wave nearly crushed my hope for metal back in the 90’s before being flayed open by black metal. The deep knuckle dragging grooves, the predictable breakdowns and sewage tank cupped mic vocals were all just a step away on a short journey back to Cannibal Corpse and Suffocation. Of course nothing much has changed in this world…. the album art still portrays band member sexual frustration with the opposite sex and the hammering is still indefinitely “brutal”, but I guess I have been far enough away from it over the years to once again respect its place and overall talent when the mood may strike me.

I still possess this bands debut full-length Sickening Erotic Fascination and even though Mortal Decay do fit within the brutal death sphere of expression, they effectively mix up the head nodding push of their trencherous grooves (yes… stuff that one in your gaping ass Mr. Webster) with intricate tech spun verse riffs that were interesting enough to stay my hand when it came time to cull the collection all those years ago when I purged a lot of the brutal stuff from my CD racks. The Blueprint for Bloodsplatteer is the bands 4th album and it seems the core songwriters are still intact, for this album keeps me interested with the memorable guitar play and powerful songwriting ideas even though it is all enveloped in a heinous mash of deep, though aggressive vocals and the occasional break/beat down to keep the pit circling.

Cripplingly accurate blasting rhythmically. Endlessly swarming dual guitar attack. Monotonous to a fault death groans. Yep… Mortal Decay certainly aren’t purveyors of the deathly arts, but they do work in just enough jazz mindfuckery as found on the complex and impressive track Chloroform Induced Trance to impress and show that there are indeed many sharp implements in their songwriting torture chamber. Hide your women! But not in pieces. I guess in this case it would be important to mention that. -Marty
Comatose Music

~ by martyworm on December 11, 2013.

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  1. Great review, Marty!

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