Church of Disgust – Unworldly Summoning

CoDLet’s be honest – Church of Disgust may just the quintessential band name when describing the sound of dirty rotten Death Metal of the lowest common denominator (a good thing); for this band truly worships those unwashed sounds defiantly devoid of any cleansing agent. Unworldy Summoning lustily exudes dirt the way a woman of the night exudes cash-hunger; slowly, assuredly, sullenly. Drums take their hints from the slowest moments of In Battle There Is No Law and the Doom d-beats of Reifert’s madness, while the riffs suggest a crustier-sounding Slugathor over-dosing on Ambien. The pace of the album recalls the best of cheap-beer-chugging Death Metal, one that inspires dusting off the old denim vest and adding a patch or two. Perhaps its the Texan in them, for while there’s nothing at all ‘new’ here, Church of Disgust’s relatively simple approach looms large in the space between your earholes, guitars hammered high up in the mix with, crushing your eardrums with marching mayhem, unafraid of incorporating Alamo-ending downstrokes that even barely-legal Miley Cyrus fans would have to admit ‘rocks’ their sodden panties right off (sorry if that’s offensive, but hey – I’m reviewing a band called Church of Disgust, remember?).

In the end, the effect of Unworldly Summoning can be fictionalized thusly:

Two young metalheads immediately lose their hearing after discovering the first Bolt Thrower, Slugathor, and Autopsy albums. Shortly thereafter, while dumpster-diving, they find a four-track recorder, a guitar, and a few pieces of a drumkit. They proceed to record a DIY album in an abandoned church amongst broken glass, beers, refuse and grafitti. Against all odds, the result decimates. No frills, no pretense, just poser fricassee. FIN -Jim

Memento Mori

~ by cliftonium on December 18, 2013.

4 Responses to “Church of Disgust – Unworldly Summoning”

  1. This albums fucking kills! Love it. Good write up. I would say the presentation and approach renders a very cool and original take on Death Metal, which is not an easy thing to do within a simplistic outcome. Some songs even sound sudden and unfinished, but it actually aids to the sickness. the John Carpetner-esque intertude is fucking great!!!! Homage to Horror! Well done Sirs.

  2. Yeah, this one has already sunk its knives into me, haha \m/ And yeah, I should have mentioned the interludes that appear throughout the album. Great low-budget horror film eeriness! These guys have got it figured out.

  3. Nice review. This sounds good— is it available on CD yet?

  4. Not yet, it becomes available 1/1/2014 ( ) Glad you enjoyed the review! This album has risen above the pack for newer mid-paced death for me \m/

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