TrenchRot – Necronomic Warfare

TrenchrotHave you ever stared at your copy of Warmaster and wondered: “What if Bolt Thrower had started out thrash instead of grind?” No? Well, me neither, but after listening to Necronomic Warfare, I’ll never need to. These Philly deathsters bring the slaughter dirty as in the earlier albums of those UK gods, with more than a healthy dose of Asphyx-style doom and vokills for good measure. The splattery thrash riffs are simply the icing on this rotting flesh cake, adding additional vomitous flavor to what should already be a boner-inspring list of sounds to you if you have any sort of extreme metal pulse at all. Did I mention they were Americans? Finally; along with Church of Disgust (and a few others whose names slip my mind ;), these guys are putting new generation Dank Yanks back on the decaying map.
Yes, TrenchRot embody ripping old-influence UK and Netherlands death metal, eating worlds and serenading in lead. Riffs and roars coalesce into a memorable maelstrom that showers your brain with the shards of their pure fucking steel. But there’s more. Brief but potent flashes of lead guitar brilliance appear and disappear amongst the sonic carnage, and hair-raising synths appear now and again to get you standing on your feet, ready to wage undead war. And then another not-often-discussed-but-very real element of Ashpyx and BT rears its head – that of uncheesy, headnodding deathgroove of the kind that will get the the gray-haired into the pit with murderous looks on their faces, ready to redden the nose of any arms-flailing karate-chopping juggalo who happens to find himself at the most-definitely wrong place at the wrong time. “Trapped Under Treads”, indeed. And yes, that is one of the coolest song titles you’ve ever heard, goddamnit.
There’s not a song on this album that doesn’t have me going ‘holy shit’ somewhere during it. You know those Metal moments you can’t put into words…the hallelujah ones that give you goosebumps…the ones you’ll usually wait through three minutes of otherness for? Well my friend, Necronomic Warfare arrives corpse-stuffed with great Metal moments like that. You know what to do. -Jim

Unspeakable Axe Records

~ by cliftonium on January 8, 2014.

9 Responses to “TrenchRot – Necronomic Warfare”

  1. Just heard about these guys for the first time yesterday and really enjoyed it. I hope everything has staying power — I remember liking BLOODBATH at first, too, and finding them tiresome pretty quickly.

  2. Staying power can indeed be a fickle thing when one’s influences shine through so clearly, but I’m hopeful for them that the thrash, occasional keys and head-nodding bits will keep them on playlists for awhile. Time will tell!
    Also, thanks for stopping by and welcome \m/

  3. Neil! How the hell have you been? It has been to long. I hope to be heading out to MN at some point this year for a potential Panopticon listening party! Will see ya then.

  4. Marty, I’m great. Just causing the usual trouble in new ways. How have you been? I talk with TRA all the time about you visiting here or us visiting there, so fantastic that it’s finally happening. Something to look forward to now. Cheers!

  5. jim,

    great review. this bit made me laugh— “headnodding deathgroove of the kind that will get the gray-haired into the pit with murderous looks on their faces, ready to redden the nose of any arms-flailing karate-chopping juggalo who happens to find himself at the most-definitely wrong place at the wrong time.”

    and man, this trenchrot really good death metal. i listened to something like 150 new death metal albums last year, and this song is better than than about everything i heard— for a while it seems solidly in the war master/humiliation camp of bolt thrower worship (plus drunen emotionality), but the pause around 4:35 and the entire plaintive end sequence are really terrific. if half the songs on this album are this good, i’ll be a very happy customer.

    nice reviews from you this week, both the prose and the recommended albums— i’m buying both!

  6. Z, completely humbled by your words! It means a lot that someone with your writing skills, experience and Metal credibility can have a laugh and glean something from my meager ramblings. Many hails to you, sir!

    And I agree wholeheartedly on this Trenchrot – I’m looking forward to spending some ‘Friday night’ time with this one, beer in the ‘fridge and air guitar at the ready, haha \m/

  7. More good old school influenced death metal! Between this and the Thunderwar I have to new death metal bands on my radar I am excited about. I really liked this track and will definitely pick up the album when it comes out. Unfortunately it looks like I’ll have to wait until February 18.

  8. shawn & other interested folks:
    i ordered this directly from the label and it went in the mail today!

  9. Thanks for letting me know! I didn’t even bother looking for it at the label webstore just because the promo video said the release date said feb 18. Just placed my order and hopefully mine gets sent out too.

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