Embryonic Devourment – Reptilian Agenda

embryonicVisions of synchronized propeller headbanging instantly come to mind as the play button is pressed and from the hammering storm of technical aggression rides California’s Embryonic Devourment on their amplified battle stallions of death.

It is hard to discredit a band showcasing such obvious talent, but let’s face it, tech brutal death metal is a tired animal. Having said that, I still like this genre and lately specifically, have been listening to it often, but what sets the good bands apart from the the rest (and it is acceptable to clump the mediocre together with the bad here because in the end, it’s all the same), is the songwriting. Good songs and a screamer that builds upon the riffs he’s empowering with independent vocal lines are paramount. I really need those riffs to create something not only human flayingly aggressive, but musically tangible. IE, there’s got to be noteworthy hooks, or something to process other than a barrage of meaningless notes. Unfortunately for Embryonic Devourment, they tread into all of my brutal death no-no’s, but do so with technical proficiency for their instruments.

The songs do begin to adopt more of a melodic vibe/cohesive structure and even a hint of a Coroner influence as discovered on Sealed in Resin as Reptilian Agenda unfolds, but the vocals simply kill any interest for me that the music tries to muster. I could tell the singer also played an instrument at the same time as his delivery follows every movement and note in the riffs with a deep to mid ranged growl for dimensionless results. The guitar work here is air guitar worthy for sure for the precision in the playing is top notch and effortless as transitions between exacting tremolo speed and off time counter riffs sounds inspired. In the end, the songs just don’t hit me between the ears like I need them to when faced with this type of music. Fans that rabidly devour this style of death metal will think I’m crazy here, and I do believe that this band does have something to offer for those in the know, but for me Embryonic Devourment is just another faceless brutal band wallowing in the gut pile. A few killer ideas does not a good album make. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 29, 2014.

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