With your white veil make my realm beautiful

Soldiering on through the frozen lands enslaved by January’s arctic kiss, it’s almost surreal just how much snow we have amassed here in the North country. It puts me in mind of the winters we used to have when I was much younger. Where many are endlessly freaking out about it, I dunno… it feels strangely familiar and like home. It’s hard not to get all nostalgic and it has made my musical appreciation follow suit with older timeless classics and chilling black metal. Works for me. What also works is the long overdue Sacriphyx interview that Mr. Jim conducted with Anthony and Neil. If you haven’t had the chance to investigate their sounds, Sacriphyx is a truly unique entity built on melody and superior Aussie metal innovation. And yes, we choked out a handful of reviews for you as well.

Enjoy the delivered goods! Share your playlists and air your grievances! This weeks topic is, how does the weather/seasons/surroundings affect your musical mood if at all? Till next week, keep your shovels sharpened and your beasts blizzardy! -Marty

Marty Rytkonen Playlist
Stilla – Ensamhetens Andar
North/Grom/Marhoth – Sovereigns of Northernlands Split (The North material on this split is such a unique shot of chilling grimness, it’s sadly overlooked and the perfect traveling music for those arctic ventures to and from work)
North – Thorns on the Black Rose
Fates Warning – Awaken the Guardian
Fates Warning – The Spectre Within
Naglfar – Vittra (the dimensionless vocal attack of Jens Ryden always bothered me and made me discredit this album, but after recent listens, I find the music to be quite impressive and moving)
Aeternus – Beyond the Wandering Moon (Never far from my player. Such a great album and a shame the band deviated from their Norwegian Blot Thrower meets black metal inception)
Lord Wind – Forgotten Songs
Nechochwen – OtO
Waldgefluster- Meine Fesseln

Jim Clifton Playlist
Waldgeflüster – Meine Fesseln (stop what you’re doing and get this)
Drudkh – Eastern Frontier In Flames
Goat Rodeo Sessions – s/t
Nocturnal Graves – …From the Bloodline of Cain
Endlichkeit – l-ll
Arnaut Pavle – s/t
White Medal/Caina split 12”
Archgoat/Incantation split 12” (Chris Moyen)
Darkthrone – Transylvanian Hunger
Burzum – Filosefem

~ by martyworm on January 29, 2014.

30 Responses to “With your white veil make my realm beautiful”

  1. My brain has reached it’s ever shrinking threshold of being able to listen to and absorb new releases in a short period of time. Therefore I have been taking a break from the new stuff lately and going back to some classics. Still been listening to a lot of the stuff on last weeks list plus the following.

    Seidr – Ginnungagap
    Morgoth – Cursed
    God Macabre – The Winterlong
    Slayer – South of Heaven
    Slayer – Seasons in the Abyss
    Venom – Welcome to Hell

    I also checked out Klaus Schulze’s Timewind based on seeing some endorsements for it last week and have to say I was pretty amazed. I’m not familiar with his material. Does he have other albums that are on that level?

  2. Definitely more Black Metal this time of year. The cold helps set the mood. It doesn’t get to cold very often here in Denver but on a bitter, snowy day nothing fits better. However, the awesome new releases keep pouring in so that is taking up most of my time.

    Falconer – Falconer
    Warlord – The Holy Empire
    Atlantean Kodex – The White Goddess
    Hail of Bullets – III The Rommel Chronicles
    Kampfar – Djevelmakt
    Yellow Eyes – The Desert Mourns EP
    Woods of Desolation – As The Stars
    Demilich – Nespithe
    Wildernessking – The Devil Within
    Stormwarrior – Thunder & Steele
    Grue – Casualty of the Psychic Wars
    Lord Belial – Enter the Moonlight Gate
    Lascaille’s Shroud – Interval 02: Parallel Infinities, The Abscinded Universe
    So Hideous – Last Poem/First Light
    Urgehaul – Goatcraft Torment
    Wolves in the Throne Room – Black Cascade

  3. @Shawn
    X. The double album. It’s insanely brilliant. I’ve also heard and enjoyed Moondawn and Mirage, but X is a fucking masterpiece. Perfect late night listening. Of course, you can’t get into Schulze without also exploring early Tangerine Dream, Edgar Froese, Popul Vuh… There’s a vast world of early popular electronic music out there (I was into this stuff when I was in high school, re-exploring it at the moment), but yeah, absolutely check out X: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lIZ3eGcp9Yg

    Raising Holy Sparks – A Mendicant Hymnal
    Richard Moult & David Colohan – Hexameron
    Sort Vokter – Folkloric Necro Metal
    Stara Rzeka -Cień chmury nad ukrytym polem
    Taake – Nattestid
    Kraftwerk – Radio-Activity
    Lost Trail – Nothing Is Fucked Forever
    Kirschstein – Kirschstein
    Leonard Cohen – The Future
    Agalloch – Ashes Against The Grain

  4. Klaus Schulze! Now we talking. ‘X’ is zee thang. Great thing about buying these albums now is – CHEAP!

    Foggy Winter Cold Weather – Me personally, I throw on the Tone-Loc and Sir MixaLot.
    Summer Hot Evenings – Modern Megadeth and a bible resting in my arms .

  5. But ‘Irrlicht’ is as good as ‘X’. Timewind was used by Art Bell I think too much so can’t appreciate it that much. Bastard.

  6. Greetings from another winter wonderland. Also probably the coldest and most authentic winter season I can remember, or at least vaguely recall, since my innocent youth.

    Speaking of innocent youth: I used to be a “black metal in winter” stereotype until I figured out I can’t be chuffed with almost any of it anymore. Summer remains the time for blasting death metal, preferably in the city with the car windows down. DIO/PRIEST and similar others get the nod on beer-fueled summer trips “up north.”

    I’ve been dwelling on recent things so not many surprises with this list:

    ROOT — The Book (now playing!)
    AGENT STEEL — The Omega Conspiracy
    SATAN’S HOST — Virgin Sails
    BATHORY — Nordland I and II
    HELSTAR — Nosferatu
    SLOUGH FEG — Atavism
    THE CHAMELEONS — Script of the Bridge
    SISTERS OF MERCY — First and Last and Always
    SAVAGE GRACE — Master of Disguise
    A BUNCH OF OTHERS — I Can’t Remember at the Moment

    Irrlicht and X are the other two KS albums I’m most familiar with — could be coincidence of good taste or could be that we’ve all had the same proper advice. The catalog is massive and daunting for sure. X is brilliant but sometimes takes a mood because of its long-winded and layered bombast.


  7. A long time ago (1997 or 98) i started with Tangerine Dream. I bought Phaedra per the used record stores recommendation. Later, I went back and listened all the other stuff like Irrlicht and X and decided on the above. It was a great store. You could literally spend hours there listening to everything you wanted. I unfortunately parted with records there to I shouldn’t have, but live and learn. Someone else I am sure was very happy after I sold some of my records for money, that in hindsight i really didn’t need.

    What of Moondawn and Cyborb? Anyone like those too?

  8. Sorry, Cyborg

  9. Thanks for the info on Schulze’s. Looks like X will be the next one to check out for sure and then I will check out some of the other recommendations from there. His catalog seemed pretty extensive which is why I asked. I had no idea where to go next.

    On the topic of listening to certain albums or styles with the different seasons…I don’t drastically change what I listen to with the season, but I would say Scandinavian metal whether it is death metal or black metal always makes me think a little more of winter time. For some reason Hate Forest’s Purity and Sorrow albums always sounded better in the winter to me too.

  10. ‘Vittra’- cool album I haven’t played in years; great combination of vicious delivery and strong melodic sensibilities.

    Agreed wholeheartedly on Aeturnus; their change of direction was dismaying. Same goes for Limbonic Art.

    Arch-era Fates Warning: I got burned out on discussing these three albums online years ago, but they’re always a good pick.

    Playlist- Seidr- Ginnungagap. Liking this one as it sinks in.
    Sex Pistols- Never Mind the Bollocks. Digging some old punk lately.
    Stormwarrior- Thunder & Steele. Good if you like their style.

  11. Old Aeternus, OLD Lord Wind, and early North! You are taking me back to some of my ‘teeth-cutting’ days/bands! Thanks for that. Out in the far Northwest, this time of year means ghost-fog flowing from the ice-crowned mountains. In terms of metal, I seem to be spinning things like these lately:

    Cromlech – Ave Mortis
    Solstice – New Dark Age
    Wrathblade – Into the Netherworld’s Realm

    with a healthy dose of:
    Sacrilegium – Wicher
    Alda – Tahoma
    Skagos – Ast
    Algaion – demos and debut
    Schammasch – Sic Lvceat Lvx

    and some heft to match the rising tides:
    Monads – Intellectus Iudicat Veritatem
    W.A.I.L. – Wisdom Through Agony into Illumination and Lunacy
    Nerlich – Defabricated Process

    I know one thing for sure. I had a blast while chopping firewood along with the ‘simple’, melodic/folky tunes and ‘bark ripping’ vocals of Drygva last Autumn.

    I will make more of an effort to note any seasonal tendencies as this new year progresses.

  12. Never heard Sacrilegium before now; damn this is great stuff. Thanks for the list. Also hails on the Alda – Tahoma. An exceptional album by an exceptional band \m/

  13. You are most welcome, cliftonium. That is what these posts are all about. Sacrilegium has remained a favorite of mine throughout the years. You likely already know them; but if not, check out the early work from their fellow countrymen Thirst, Profanum, North (already mentioned by Marty), etc. Damnation always makes me smile as well, for their particular style of ‘death’. That early Polish scene was certainly special.
    Now that I am completely nostalgic, I think I will go dig out all my old physical copies of Worm Gear and reminisce. Thanks for the many years of good work and general awesomeness guys.

  14. Unearth,

    Thanks for posting Sacrilegium – Wicher. Never heard of it either. Has the blasting push & emotive tremolo & overdub detail of Nachtfalke’s best, Doomed to Die, one of my all time favorites. Just ordered it.

  15. Zahler – any plans for a label to do ‘Blue Flame Cavalry’ on vinyl? Looking to buy, but would rather wait for the lacquer to come out, otherwise I’ll hit the CD.

  16. Patrick,

    Thanks for the inquiry. Right now, there is no plan for vinyl.

    The reception has been great for this one, and I hope that you enjoy it!

    For those curious, here’s a song from it—

  17. It is a great album. I finally checked it out last night. Only heard one song and really enjoyed the writing, structure and overall sound.

  18. I guess i should say ‘a great song’, as i haven’t heard the whole album, but i have a sneaking suspecion the rest of the album will be just as good. call it an experienced guess!

  19. picked it up on HHB!

  20. thanks guys!

  21. I agree the Realmbuilder sounds wonderful, and Neil that is quite a playlist one after my own heart some great stuff there, that new Satan’s Host is a ripper!
    Sentenced – North From Here
    Amorphis – Tales From 1,000 Lakes
    Therion – Symphony Masses
    Cales – Uncommon Excursion
    Weapon – Drakonian Paradigm
    Inferi – The Path of Apotheosis
    Mephistopheles – Sounds of the End
    Hateful – Epilogue of Masquerade
    Lugubrum – Albino de Congo

  22. jim,

    you scored another big hit with me by turning me on to the new nocturnal graves.

    its like deathrace king (the crown) + cold steel for an iron age (d666) divided by 2.


  23. Haha, that’s great man! Glad you dig the NG too. Just checked out Deathrace King for the first time, killer stuff as well …

  24. Zahler – What inspired the cover and logo for Blue Flame Cavalry? When I first saw it, I hated it. It seemed quite unrefined and childish, but now I have a strong fondness for it. Its a weird thing. But curious why or how it was picked. It isn’t exactly a common type of cover, and there may entail the answer, I suppose. I have the CD, and have been spinning it a lot since Friday. Very refreshing, and not over the top, fancy or flamboyant. Just solid great Metal. Its a hard one to describe. And I can’t get the damn Chorus for the S/T track out of my head!!! Its fucking stuck there!

  25. and here i come back to shit on the Nocturnal Grave record-parade. A lot of people think this album kills. I don’t hear the attraction. I listened to it about 5 times over the course of 3 months and just can’t get it. The production has too much high end and is really thin. As for the writing, well not anything has really any character (i.e. predictable) and what else…hehe. Not a good album IMO, but not bad, certainly run of the mill Black Thrash. This one has been rubbing at me for a while, so I had to get it off my chest.

  26. patrick,

    the cover is inspired by the lyrics— i can draw pretty well, but i’m not a great painter at this stage and still conceive things a bit beyond my abilities, but this is how i improve— certainly that’s how i became a better fiction writer and drummer. in any case, i think it’s better than the painting i did for the previous album. obviously, it fits the music, since it is an amalgam of the lyrical images i came up with. the band logo is the same and the font choice is a good primitive one we’ve used before. most importantly, i’m glad you dig the music.

  27. scarlet p,

    the attraction of nocturnal graves for me IS the biting guitar tone–high or not–and how most songs develop from pretty good ideas into much better ones with a deeper pocket. vocals are tasteful and well placed—not too much, which is often the case with extreme metal–and the drumming really propels things, other than a weird off kilter blast section. it is meat and potatoes, but tasteful meat and potatoes, and the lead guitar and time changes elevate it for me, not to mention its occasional forays into more glorious territory (like D666 in the regard). i’ve only listened twice and some of it already sticks.

  28. Sorry, my name keeps changing on this damn forum. SP = Patrick. Regarding the Blue Flame cover, I came across to harsh. I think the cover is actually really cool and unique. The negative aspect was a first impression only. So, hope you don’t take it harshly. I think it is just the way it needs to be!

  29. Re: Nocturnal Graves – well, I can’t say those are bad reasons to like the album! : )

  30. scarlet pumpatrick,

    no sweat. i can stand behind the realmbuilder music and my fiction100%. i’m not there yet with my paintings, and i don’t disagree with the criticisms they get, though conceptually and overall, i like it. thanks for the support!

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