Oblong Box – Demo

oblong boxWhat initially surfaced in 2011, has now received the Dark Descent cassette treatment for wider recognition and awareness. With this 3 song demo, Illinois Oblong Box have unveiled an occultish and dark take on Maiden riffage enveloped by a punchy mid-paced thrash presence. The delivery is dirty, especially the sand-like rasp of Mike Bushur’s (also guitars) throaty vocal delivery. The interestingly atypical riffage shines through with interwoven harmonies and layered guitar lines that yes, do sing praise for decades of Maiden appreciation, but there is something deeply unique about the way it’s all put together. The songs further benefit from original structures that keep the riffs coming and I found myself surprised with the journey of each track and interested in where everything was going up until the end. A slicker production and a slight bit of development in the vocals down the line will only strengthen this already impressive and promising 3 song demo. Something different here for those of you just off the beaten path. -Marty
Dark Descent

~ by martyworm on March 5, 2014.

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