Teitanblood – Death

teitanbloodThere is a considerable trend swirling about out there in the underground and it revolves around dark, nightmarish and convoluted death metal. I’m not saying it’s all bad, just really hitting it’s stride right now and feeling a little less special than it did a year ago. Spain’s Teitanblood hit with their bruised and merciless attack long before this current glut of new bands writhing to claim the throne drifted into play and for it, their influences sound to me much more trained on the dank underbelly where mystical death and black metal intersect and invert every cross large enough to make a difference.

Death is this Teitanblood’s 2nd and highly anticipated full-length and the duo have not disappointed their fan base with this blistering eruption of blasting blasphemy. Though there is a definite detuned and decidedly death metal aesthetic writhing at Death’s putrid core, the cacophony of blasting speed, chewing guitars and an urgency in the songwriting that screams for bloody massacre, melds into a swarming hive that puts me in mind of Beherit’s The Oath of Black Blood crossed with a frantic Necros Christos. Of course Death is far superior in the production department (to Beherit), but in spite of the deep tones and thundering tribal drum hits on tracks like “Unearthed Veins” there is a raw glimpse into a primal form of song writing, no matter how messy or disruptive/challenging, that tends to shine through with a sloppy and sinister charm. Cavernous and diseased vocals surface from the audial storm to further hurl Teitanblood’s latest creation into suffering and despair.

Death isn’t one of those albums that is easy or “fun” to listen to due to the absence of memorable riffs or traditional hooks. The guitars are place holders for hideous thoughts and intentions. The drums stir the flames. The nightmarish synth tones curl beneath the surface and lure you closer to a horrible end. You have to want to stand in front of the maelstrom and take away whatever comes. Though I have a lot of respect for this band, their sound and dedication, Death isn’t something I’m going to reach for often, but when I do, I must be in a pretty awful mood and want to sit and endure a torturing of the senses. For those of you more in tune with endlessly abysmal death metal, Teitanblood have been curators of the style for 11 years and mean mischievous business. -Marty
The Ajna Offensive

~ by martyworm on March 12, 2014.

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