Blood and Sun – White Storms Fall

wsfIn the interest of fairness, I may be a bit biased in favor of this album. My first listen took place in a pickup traveling to northern Minnesota to hike amidst woods and waterfalls. I was in a pretty good mood, and so, to some extent this album takes me back there. Ultimately though, it stands on its own.


This is neofolk in the classic tradition, but you also get some nice innovation from these folks. The guitar and vocals are pretty classic to the genre, like a deeper Douglas P or Michael Gira. Warm, but not overly emotional singing with good, simple, repetitive guitar lines. The additional instrumentation really gives this album some filling out. The hammered dulcimer, cello, violin, and percussion round it out in ways that were a bit lacking in the demos (though, the recording quality is much higher as well). The hammered dulcimer (played by Tanner of Celestiial and Obsequiae) is a big part of what evokes the northwoods feeling on this album and really sets it apart from its European counterparts. There is a circular nature about this album. The songs flow together, field recording and soundclip interludes creep into the beginnings and ends of tracks, weaving it all together. I keep losing track of where I am in it, and end up replaying it over and over.


To top this all off, Peasanta, who always have killer packaging for their vinyl, will be featuring Luke Hillestad’s paintings for the jacket artwork. A dark and moving funeral scene to look at as you keep flipping this gem. -Jack

Pesanta Urfolk

~ by jackhannert on March 26, 2014.

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