Lost are all who traverse these ominously twisting paths …

Waking this morning, I peered through the windows and spied yet another surprise overnight snowfall, after having gone to bed with my yard clear of the stuff.  Though I knew that it would (thankfully) melt before the day was through, the back-and-forth battle of Spring and Winter directed my thoughts to the colliding worlds of demos, Doom Metal, and tapes, and two releases fit that bill for review this week.  First up we have the heavy doom/death of, well, Heavydeath, Swedemasters who provide all that you’ll recognize and just enough ‘more’ to tantalize, and the more hemp-appropriate doom of Sadhak, a one-man show that has more in common sonically with the Second Wave than might be obvious at first.

Marty remains sleep-deprived and bleary-eyed as he continues trying to catch up on shipping out pre-orders for Panopticon/Falls of Rauros LP, so I’m flying solo once again on the offerings.  Let me know I’m not totally alone (wah) by commenting on this week’s topic:
extreme music fans are typically forgiving of “evil” musicians’ behavior, but what about when a musician turns ‘holy’
(thinking of Dave Mustaine here).  Should metal fans, specifically, view such musicians as having de-legitimized any new music released afterward in some way, or should the taking of the right-hand path have nothing to do with the perception of an artist’s future output?
Comment/post playlists/yadda-yadda-yadda …

Jim Clifton Playlist
Sarcofago – Rotting
Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise
Velnias – Sovereign Nocturnal
Panopticon/Falls of Rauros split LP
Cormorant – Earth Diver
Skogen – I Döden
Blood and Sun – White Storms Fall
Ifing – Against this Weald
Necros Christos – Triume Impurity Rites
Thergothon – Streams from the Heavens

Marty Rytkonen Playlis
Manilla Road – Gates of Fire
Manilla Road – Voyager
Crowned – Vacuous Spectral Silence
Rush – Moving Pictures
Lost Horizon – Awakening the World
Lost Horizon – A Flame to the Ground Beneath
Slough Feg – Atavism
Metal Church – Metal Church
Nargaroth – Semper Fidelis
Paul Stanley – Solo Album

~ by cliftonium on April 16, 2014.

8 Responses to “Lost are all who traverse these ominously twisting paths …”

  1. Playlist:
    Van Halen – S/T
    Van Halen – II
    Grifteskymfning – Djävulens Boning
    Vspolokh – Sorrow of the Past
    Judas Priest – Unleashed in the East
    Judas Priest – Turbo
    Judas Priest – Ram it Down
    Judas Priesy – Defenders of the Faith
    Thou Art Lord – Apollyon
    Entombed – Left Hand Path
    Burial Hordes – War, Revenge and Total Annihilation
    Ares Kingdom – Return to Dust
    Throneum – Bestial Antihuman Evil
    John Coltrane – Crescent
    The Jazztet – Meet the Jazztet (thanks Zahler)

    Can’t think of an example other than Dave Mustaine, who seems to be even more of a (homophobic, paranoid) dick now than before he went christian and hasn’t made a decent record since ’92. But the main point is: by turning a christian he totally de-legitimized his own pre-christian records and lyrics (while still playing some of them live?!). I can’t take Dave serious anymore while Dave seems to take himself more serious the older he gets (check out his various onstage rants on youtube). Any other examples?

    As I said before; in general my tolerance for people supporting organised religion is very poor.

  2. I think Blackie Lawless is ‘born-again’ and he always seemed like a despicable character, also Pete Sandoval is now a holy crusader but his drumming seems as vicious as ever based on that last Terrorizer album.

    Root – The Book
    Fates Warning – Parallels
    Masters Hammer/Blackosh split
    Limbonic Art – Ad Noctum
    Scorpions – Savage Amusement
    Bruce Dickinson – The Chemical Wedding
    Wolf Spider – Kingdom of Paranoia
    Wolf Spider – Drifting In the Sullen Sea
    Vader – Litany
    Babylon Sad – Kyrie
    Altered Moves Two – Shifter of Minds
    Cauldron Black Ram – Stalagmire
    Vicious Rumours – Soldiers of the Night

  3. Pete Sandoval?? Oh ancient ones how could you let this happen?

  4. As long as they aren’t loud mouthed dicks (Mustaine) about it, I don’t really have a problem with it. Though I have problems with any religion, if you just keep it to yourself I don’t see an issue with it.

    Inquisition – Obscure Verses for the Multiverse
    Bathory – Nordland I
    The White Buffalo – Once Upon a Time in the West
    Emperyium – A Wintersunset…
    The White Buffalo – Shadows, Greys and Evil Ways
    Candlemass – Nightfall
    Witchcraft – Legend
    Electric Wizard – Dopethrone
    Pilgrim – II: Void Worship
    T.S.O.L. – Change Today?
    Mournful Congregation – The Monad of Creation
    Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise
    Anathema – The Silent Enigma
    Cathedral – Forest of Equilibrium
    The Oath – The Oath
    Falls of Rauros/Panopticon – Split
    Woman is the Earth – Depths
    Sleep – Sleep’s Holy Mountain
    Russian Red – Agent Cooper
    Forgotten Tomb – Springtime Depression

  5. The new Triptykon is ruling my world.

    Triptykon – Melana Chasmata
    Possession – Anneliese
    Thantifaxath – Sacred White Noise
    Impetuous Ritual – Unholy Congregation of Hypocritical Ambivalence
    Gamma Ray – Empire of the Undead
    Manowar – Sign of the Hammer
    Manowar – Triumph of Steel
    Manowar – Louder Than Hell
    Death – Spiritual Healing

    I have evolved a little bit on my opinion as far as tolerating metal musicians with religious beliefs. I am not as opposed to Christianity in metal music as I used to be. I do think organized religion is dumb, but if a person can practice it and keep their mouth shut about it when talking to other people I don’t mind. Whatever helps people get through life, as long as they are not trying to create public policy on some wacko fundamentalist beliefs. I could care less if Dave Mustaine turned Christian if he could make a killer Megadeth album again. However he has become more strange now that he has turned Christian, while turning out weak Megadeth albums at the same time. I think it is stupid that he will no longer play The Conjuring (killer song) live because it is about black magic and he thinks evil things will happen if he plays that song. Bands like Believer, Feast Eternal, old Trouble are all pretty killer even though they are Christian. In some sort of way I almost like a little bit of Christian metal as some sort of “fuck you” to the pentagrams, inverted crosses, and hail satans, that are mindlessly ubiquitous in the metal scene. Don’t get me wrong, I like my songs about Satan but it has almost become too establishment in a way. So if someone can convert to Christianity and make a killer album I have no problem with it. However, the conversion Christianity usually coincides with weaker musical output in bands that were not already Christian.

  6. Oh yeah, I forgot to put Marty Friedman’s Dragon’s Kiss on my playlist.

  7. When I was younger, christian ideologies in metal were a definite offense, though I could look past this to enjoy bands like Believer, Trouble, etc. The older I have gotten, I could honestly care less as long as the music appeals to me. Jesus or satan? It’s all from the same oppressive seed. It all makes for a spiffy tale, but it holds little more interest to my life than that.

    Honestly, as time passes quickly onward and the world falls deeper into chaos, I realize people need something spiritual to hang onto to give them some sort of a shield from all the uncertainty, but with modern technology and science answering more and more of lifes once unanswerable questions, how so many people can continue to bury their heads in the sand and continue to cling to something so beyond belief and reason is frightening.

    And Dave Mustaine… such a pure talent. I’m more pissed off that he continues to release shitty music than soapboxing about your typical right wing/religious prejudices. He has a right to say what he believes like we all do. I don’t agree with it and that’s ok. Where I’m furious…. compare Rust in Peace with turd salads like Thirteen and his latest release. Go back on drugs for fucks sakes!

  8. Unfortunately there are no record stores in my area anymore to celebrate record store day with and more importantly to visit on a regular basis. Man I miss spending hours sifting through albums and simply loitering at the record store. However as a consolation the Falls/Panopticon split was sitting in my mailbox today \m/

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