Hellgoat – End of Man 7″

hellgoat2 songs of charred black metal from Atlanta are unearthed on this, Hellgoat’s 7th release (not including demos). Barbaric and well considered songwriting flows in and out of poignant tempo shifts and moments when destructive spells unlock bludgeoning chaos as on the grating attack of this 7″‘s title track. Vicious vocals and a full bodied guitar tone give Hellgoat a lot of life and tortured spirit for that live in the studio sound. You can tell these guys are an actual band rather than a project, for they come off as being very tight and strong musicians and it gives these 2 songs a vibrant energy that would go down like a blasphemous storm live. Tremolo dissonance meets power chord heavy movement. Hellgoat certainly aren’t reinventing the wheel, but they do uphold the banner of savage American black metal with pride and conviction. -Marty
Boris Records


~ by martyworm on May 28, 2014.

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