Incubus – s/t (1987 demo reissue)

IncubusAnyone deeply familiar with the mid- to late ‘80s Floridian death metal scene will recognize at least one or two of the names: drummer Mike Browning (ex-Nocturnus, ex-Morbid Angel), bassist/vocalist Sterling von Scarborough (ex-Morbid Angel), and guitarist Gino Marino (ex-Nocturnus). In 1987, produced by polarizing figure Jim Morris of Morrisound Studios, the trio of Incubus unleashed their three-song demo Incubus upon an unsuspecting world, and years of inspiration and obliteration would follow. Opening with the uncompromising ‘God Died on His Knees’, the frenetic and (for the time) incredibly fast skin-bashing of Mike Browning complemented perfectly the Possessed-on-meth riff meanderings of Marino, creating the perfect backdrop for Scarborough’s ultra-blasphemous, thrashy barks and yells. As unrelenting in tempo and attack as same-era greats Sarcophago, there’s no time for breath-taking as ‘Reanimator’s Mutilation’ opens with a speedy, skilled bass run before diving into back-and-forth around the neck power chords, blasting snares, out-of-key and exceedingly entertaining screams, propulsed by blast-beat abandon. Marino’s solos, especially on third track ‘Engulfed in Unspeakable Horrors’, are well-wrought; noisy but phrased sensibly, technical but maniacal.
Vic Records chose a no-brainer re-releasing this flawless underground classic. Replete with liner notes from George Marino and hard-to-find photos, this digipak CD is a must-have, 27-year-old glance over the shoulder for early death/black fanatics. –Jim

Vic Records

~ by cliftonium on June 4, 2014.

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