Ending Quest – The Summoning

ending questWith 2 demos and this debut full-length now tucked behind Stokholm’s Ending Quest’s bullet belts, this power trio have successfully upheld the classic Swedish death metal sound/formula and spirit perfectly with The Summoning. This album could have easily been released in the early 90’s with its organic and filthy guitar tone and production. Ending Quest have mimicked the sound effortlessly AND have the songs behind them as well to back it all up. Memorable riffs and elevated guitar harmonies dig deep to be further perverted with creepy keyboards to perk the interest of fans of Gorement, Dismember and the like. Gut wrenching vocals devour the earth around the grave and sound like they were born of the deepest hells. Perhaps all of this isn’t offering a new DM vantage point creatively, but I have to respect the sound and the fact that everything is so well done on this album that one may acknowledge the influences that comprise the sound, but not be bothered or disappointed by it.

If the track Sumerian Invocation doesn’t furiously bang your head and snap it clean off at the brain stem, you may already be dead, for the energy and blasting fire in this song envelops the old spirit, but injects Ending Quest’s own downright aggressive manipulation of decades of damn impressive songwriting with a lot of their own spirit in all of this as well. Ending Quest channel the death metal beast like elite veterans on The Summoning and I will likely be purchasing this slab for the collection, for GOOD Swedish death never gets old or sounds tired. The tone on this album is just plain crushing. -Marty
FDA Rekotz


~ by martyworm on June 11, 2014.

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