No light escapes the shadow

Here we are, past the mid-way point of 2014. It is alarming how quickly time goes. In spite of all the busy things going on in our worlds, Worm Gear is never too far from myself and Jim’s thoughts. We didn’t want to drop another barren week on all of you fine folks, so here we are, some last minute reviews to keep you guys satiated until we’re all able to re-emerge in full-force.

Thanks for reading and participating as always friends! Keep spreading the word and sharing what music has been doing it for you these past several weeks. Till next time, take care! -Marty

Marty Rytkonen Playist

Vallenfyre – Splinters (This album is MASSIVE on vinyl! Believe it!)

Morbus Chron – Sweven (I went into this doubtful, but I’m a believer. Really interesting music. Glad I bought the vinyl!)

Sacramentum – Far Away from the Sun (Another vinyl conquest. Such a classic and the poster is ace!)

The Ruins of Beverast – Blood Vaults (Another vinyl acquisition. I’ve been going nuts again!)

Brimstone Coven – S/T (Congrats to Andrew and the guys for their signing to Metal Blade!)

The Best of Metal Massacre

Vex – Memorious (On tour with Agalloch! The boys are destroying!)

Ahamkara – The Embers of the Stars

Emptiness – Nothing But the Whole (A pretty interesting and creative album. Closer investigation forthcoming)

Afflicted – Prodigal Son

~ by martyworm on June 25, 2014.

2 Responses to “No light escapes the shadow”

  1. All by your lonesome again Mr. Marty? Shit ain’t right. Ask for a raise! : )

    Curious to see if you all will review that Emptiness album. I listened to it all the way through and it kinda of reminded me of Samael meets U2. Wasn’t feeling it. Morbus Chron 2nd LP ran out of steam for me after a few weeks. Still good though.

    Vallenfyre–Excellent slab of fucking DM! And hell yes it sounds great on lacquer! You can’t beat vinyl specifically mastered for vinyl!

    Listening habits the last 3 weeks has been very intense and focused. Its been thrilling:

    Vorage (now actually) – S/T Demo
    NuclearHammer – Obliteration Ritual
    NuclearHammer- Serpentine Hermetic Lucifier (Their Opus, and great layout on vinyl via NWN!)
    Nuclear Death – Bride of Insect
    Inconcessus Lux Lucis – Crux Lupus Corona
    Putrid Yell – When Life Has Ceased Demo
    Black Rock – S/T demo
    HeavyDeath – Demo II, III. IV
    Dead Congregation – Promulgation of the Fall
    Runemagick – Envenom
    Mefitic – Signing the Servants of God
    Mortuus – De Contemplanda Morte; de Reverencie Laboribus…
    Mosaic – Old Man’s Wyntar
    Fuoco Fatuo – The Viper Slithers in the Ashes of What Remains (my favorite Doom Death LP in recent times!) Check out the vinyl release Iron Tyrant did. Its really nice. Sounds superb too.
    Dysangelium – Leviaxxis Demo
    The One – I, Master Lp

    Over and out….

  2. A bit “unplugged” at the moment, but will be back in a short while.
    This is the first I have been back out of the mountains in a couple weeks.
    Wifi is spotty in this particular town/region.
    Not able to listen to a great variety of things right now. Enjoying a bit of Dust; though more due to the vintage production than the totality of the tunes.
    Gotham City, old Arckanum, Spite Extreme Wing, Enmerkar, and old Rotting Christ on mobile device right now.
    Back to tracking wolves and chasing bears for the moment. Check back in once I reach real civilization once again.

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