Burning passions, decisive as the night …

Would that the pay (there is none) equals the passion (there is plenty) for putting pen to paper for Worm Gear. Instead the grind of our day jobs sometimes takes its toll from time to time, and we have to make peace with a pittance of a publish like we have this week (one review). Luckily, at least for myself, things are getting back to normal and throughout August maybe can win back any we have lost with our infrequency this Summer. So enjoy the words and sounds of Taatsi, and let’s hear it – how does the balance between passion and responsibility take shape in your own lives, and where does metal lie upon that scale? Playlists and discussions, let’s hear them!

Jim Clifton Playlist
Bölzer – Soma
Stargazer – A Great Work of Ages
Coldfells – s/t (demo)
Necros Christos – Triune Impurity Rites
Mayhem – Esoteric Warfare
Panopticon – Roads to the North
Deceased – Supernatural Addiction
Obsequiae – Suspended in the Brume of Eos (vinyl)
Type O Negative – Slow, Deep, and Hard
Lustre – Wonder

~ by cliftonium on July 23, 2014.

2 Responses to “Burning passions, decisive as the night …”

  1. Well, Jim, whether a ‘pittance’ or a full ‘pantheon’, it
    is much appreciated. Thanks for the review and “head’s
    up” on the Taatsi release. Looks/sounds very promising.
    Indeed, work and summer can tear us into shreds. Certain
    self-fragments receiving more attention than others, for
    better or worse. However, Worms do not die. Reading the paper format as a kid or visiting electronically now, I/we are not going away. Even when life forces us to be more
    silent than we would like, we are always lurking, and we
    always return ‘home’.
    Balancing passion and responsibility … that sounds like
    the very definition of life’s task. Forgive the word-
    play, but I try to tackle my responsibilities with as much
    passion as I devote to my Passions. It is not always
    easy, surely; but if one’s responsibilities are felt to be
    truly crucial or essential, it becomes a pleasure of
    sorts to handle them with strong dedication and fervor.
    In the same sense, I think our passions can actually become a different type of responsibility for us.
    I will be honest, however, and admit that I strive to
    simplify my life by keeping my responsibilities
    to an efficiently manageable minimum. I think that we as
    humans often inundate ourselves with ‘responsibilities’
    and/or obligations that may not be truly necessary. Some
    things are taken on purposefully, by choice, while others
    are merely consequences of societal habit/behavior. Having
    children or buying a house are good examples of the former
    that can dramatically increase one’s responsibilities.
    Having children or buying a house can also be good
    examples of the latter, depending upon the mindset of the
    individual. Many small responsibilities can aggregate to
    become royal pains in the ass, all too easily. Car
    payments, expensive clothes, new tech just for the sake of
    new tech, eating out instead of cooking all/most meals at
    home, phone bills, cable bills, etc. These all lead to
    extra responsibilities, bills, or things we need to keep
    track of. I certainly will not speak for anyone else, but
    all those kinds of irritating details just feel like a
    complete waste of time, especially when combined with the
    responsibilities that are inevitable simply due to
    general existence … shelter, food, transportation, etc.
    My computer is a dinosaur (but still basically allows me
    to do what I need/want), I do not have tv, the cell phone
    I have only makes calls, I eat at home 99.9% of the time,
    I find virtually brand new clothes at second-hand shops,
    etc. I am not saying my way is better, it just seems to work for me.
    Doing things a certain way allows me MUCH more time,
    energy, and funds to pursue my passions with almost reckless abandon, even though I do not make a lot of money.
    If I have learned anything, it is that the world and our
    lives are in constant flux. The Balance that we speak of
    is not a static thing. It tips and sways perpetually. The
    key for myself has been to keep the swings from
    being overlarge, and not over-react when there happens to
    be an abrupt movement of the scales.
    Metal = Passion. As said earlier, an intense passion
    often morphs into a ‘responsibility’ of its own. I surely
    spend a ton of time, and too much money, on metal (not to
    mention my other interests). I have a tendency to go
    full-tilt with my passions. I think this is a good thing
    overall. What is life without passion? The ‘music’ has been such a complex, crucial, and constant force in my life. It has become ingrained into who I am, and I would not have it any other way. As I have grown a bit older I have learned to temper things, and keep focused on what is most important at any given time.
    I believe that Worm Gear is not only a passion for you guys; but as I mentioned earlier, has possibly turned into a positive ‘responsibility’ as well. I genuinely admire that, and am truly grateful for the time and effort you put into it. What you do is important, no matter the quantity or frequency. I know it has made a difference in my life over the years.

    Current Playlist:

    Spectral Lore – III
    Mutiilation – Vampires of Black Imperial Blood
    Drowned – Idola Specus
    Acerbitas – Urkaosets Svarta Vredesdom
    Bolzer – Soma
    Gotham City – The Unknown
    Golem – reissues
    Reverend Bizarre – all
    Poccolus – ST
    and …

  2. Unaerth, thanks for the well-considered, honest and open response. I’m a constant self-analyst, and your take on passion/responsibility set my mind to thinking: have I allowed my responsibilities to push too far into my realm of passion? Is there more that I can do to simplify and focus on the things I enjoy most? I like taking mental snapshots of my life, and then, as objectively as possible, ponder on ways to improve or – at the least – attempt Balance by untried means. Also, let it be known that Marty and I certainly appreciate that you – and the other dedicated WG Elite – stick by us in times both prolific and scarce. As you all have been here for us, so shall we remain here for you. Here’s to soldiering on …

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