Horrendous – Ecdysis

horrendousWhere the excellently written debut, “The Chills”, placed this East Coast kill unit on the map with traditional, though endlessly intelligent death metal, Horrendous have bravely stepped into an elevated realm of evolution on Ecdysis. Lurking within the 10 roller coaster tracks comprising this album, is a desire to incorporate more of “everything” good and essential found within the death metal fire storm. Really deep traditional metal influences can be found in the song structures and impressive solo work, and this element alone has greatly increased the level of feeling and passion in their music. A progressive metal strand can be felt with technical tendrils coiling throughout the guitar work in the form of open minded, note oriented riffs. Excellent tempo variations hurl this material at the listener, and even though the Becerra (Possessed) influenced vocal drawl remains the one true link to Horrendous’ past efforts, this band’s journey has risen beyond Seven Churches, to embrace the thrashier elements and odd structures of Beyond the Gates, but Horrendous have done so with their own superior death metal tone and keen sense of songsmithing. Having only had the time to sit with this album for a few days, the songs continue to unlock many surprises and yes, a few challenges. Tracks like Resonator feel almost linear in their structure with little or no riffs repeating themselves. Instead, Horrendous keep piling on the ghastly layers with inventive/perplexing guitar harmonies and the feeling of the unknown when it comes to their vision for this album. I love the challenge and Horrendous have constructed a devious monster of a death metal album that will keep you guessing, keep you immersed and most importantly, keep you wanting more. Ecdysis may be a tough egg to crack for those of you more suited to pop structured death metal, but this album unveils so much musical and metal maturity, it’s damn near impossible not to be impressed and even a bit blown away by the high brow hammering awaiting you. Great production. Crushing vocals. Headbanging death riffs that harken back to DM’s formative and meaningful years. Fuck yes. -Marty
Dark Descent Records

~ by martyworm on August 13, 2014.

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