Aborted – Gormageddon (The Saw and the Damage Done)

up_031504_aborted1With minor Carcass influences dragging behind them like a heaping mess of cow guts, Aborted take the down tuned sickness purveyed by the forefathers of grind to new heights of debauchery and death metal brutality. Deep vocals mix with razor sharp screams and equally deadly buzz-sawing guitars that swarm in and out of maniacal blasts for that on the edge of your seat listening experience. Who would have thought that a straight up gore grind album would actually be this memorable and catchy, but Aborted have spent time crafting the riffs/hooks in these songs and surprisingly added some very melodic and meaningful solo work to accentuate the more in-key elements of their music. Think Exhumed and Impaled as far as musical development/flair and you have yet another excellent band in Aborted that’s not afraid to mix traditional heavy metal influences in with the bloody mash that is the ravenous gore grind movement. – Marty


~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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