Absonus Noctis – Penumbral Inorgantia

absonisnoctis_120308_peneumPerhaps a bit of a mid 1990’s Norwegian influenced can be found in the cacophonous swirl of reverb, but the US based Absonus Noctis is quite a unique 1 man black metal band that has debuted with a very trance inducing CD. “Penumbral Ingorgantia” offers a dreamlike, even down right depressive listening experience that is built upon simplistic, though harmonically powerful guitar lines that are enveloped with the aforementioned reverb to resemble the dank closeness of being sealed in a crypt, very much alive. The drum machine is thankfully a bit lost in the layers, but is produced in such a way that it sounds like a real kit… the booming bass EQ on the floor tom and double bass samples is a nice touch, giving the machine an often uncharacteristically cavernous, even organic feel which gives this album a uniquely nightmarish quality. Add despondent black metal screaming to the equation and all the elements fit perfectly together to create an otherworldly listening experience that possesses the misanthropic spirit of older Xasthur and the like, just produced 100 times better. I like the hypnotic repetition found on the agonizing “The Black Fields of Desolation” as well as the variety in songwriting dynamics found on the instrumental, “Sinking into and Abysmal Pool of Weeping Souls” where clean guitar lines interact with tasteful synth textures to invoke a suffocating feeling of dread. Such creative experimentation within a very traditional genre can be found throughout this albums entirety. Sole member Mortifer may not be blazing any new territory with his black craft, but his songs all possess a very meaningful direction and flow as his songwriting abilities encompass many of the key traits vital to writing poignant black metal within an underground full of bands that probably put half the time, thought and effort into their music. “Penumbral Ingorgantia” has been a very entertaining experience and I look forward to falling deeper into these compositions the more time I spend with this haunting album. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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