Anael – Necromantic Rituals

qb_60903_anaelThrough events in the past, we are shown new life and hope for what lurks on the horizon. In regards to underground metal, originality is often second to conviction and if a band wears their influences on their sleeve, chances are, people appreciating a more exciting time in this genres history will connect and feel rejuvenated by a new album. Germany’s Anael may model their look, design and music after the 7″ and first 2 albums by the eternally godly Samael, but even though originality was slayed just outside the gates of hell, this cult power trio delivers the ancient analog atmosphere and chilling vibe through 10 tracks of pure idol worship. The spirit of Samael indeed lives on Anael’s high end guitar tone, plodding mid-paced tempos and a deranged vocal summoning that brings to mind visions of a candle lit room and a solitary man frantically reading conjuration spells from the Necronomicon, to try and unlock the portal between the living and the ancient ones. Reverb gloriously soaks into every note and nuance of this release for that cavernous ambiance, seemingly infecting the lumbering guitar riffs with a haunting shadow to further grab your attention and force you to comprehend the melodic, yet always obscure musical ideas that will stick in your head by the second time you spin “Necromantic Ritual.” As this album forges on, don’t be surprised if certain tracks make “Into the Pentagram” pop into your thoughts, or several other random Samael classics, for this band acts as a one of the few tribute minded entities that pull off every nuance with perfection, yet offer some of their own inspiration and dedication to the songwriting. Anael come off as mystical and evil to the core, just the way we expect 80’s and early 90’s inspired black/death metal to be. Excellent. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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