Anata – Under a Stone with No Inscription

up_032204_anataSweden’s Anata are one of the few overtly technical death metal bands these days that continue to win me over with every album they unearth, for the simple fact that no matter how perplexing their riffs become, there remains a sense of melody and catchiness to most of the tracks. The music contorts within the frame of each songs construct, but there is direction and most importantly, a “feel” to the guitar work. Gorguts could do it, no matter how disheveled their ideas became. Even though Anata seems far more controlled or conventional with their ideas, they sit atop a similar field of uncompromising death metal that stands to slaughter the often close minded moshisms found within this crumbling genre. “Under a Stone with No Inscription” is ever flowing in constant stream of note based and very mathematically complex riff ideas that can explode into a tremolo storm of speed to implant even more anxiety within the listener. The deep moan of the vocals act as the concrete launching platform for the virtuoso guitar and drum work to explode upon their dizzying and at times, groove dominant course. The midway point finds Anata’s formula becoming more predictable as each track begins to noodle and swarm into an aura of sameness. Normally, this would kill an album of a lesser talented band, but even though Anata tend to revert to the same musical tricks, the skill is so fine tuned and music so insanely impressive, “Under a Stone…” remains a challenging listen from start to finish. Good songs and amazing ability are further supported by a very full production. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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