Anima Nera – S/T

qb_111003_animaneraThe streamlined death metal grooves on this album are further bloated by sharp guitar riffs that act as the hooks for each song. Anima Nera skillfully mix up melody, death and definite metalcore ideas for this 10 track, self-titled debut, but one can’t help but notice that their diverse sound isn’t so inventive after bands like Shadow’s Fall came into the picture and had labels far and wide signing up every multi-genre, Gothenburg worshiping band. Minor acoustic guitar embellishments add class to their already well developed sound, but as the guitar work often reverts back to In Flames styled melody lines, it’s really hard for the sweet taste not to turn to 3 month old bread in a hurry. The vocalist brandishes a wide swath of extremes, from a low mangling delivery, to a more tense scream that ties their sound to the screamo side of hard/metalcore. A full/edgy production and interesting structures really aid this bands sound and keep it interesting, for a beefy tone unlocks a full arsenal of Anima Nera’s own complex and chaotic/noisey riff ideas to explode out of the speakers. If they would simply drop the trendy side of their otherwise promising sound, then I could give this band a solid thumbs up with a clear conscious. Having said that, I will attest to there being some damn good/heavy songs on here. – Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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