Animus – Poems for the Aching, Swords for the Infuriated

animus_052206_poemsInteresting and infinitely atmospheric black metal arising from this one-man entity known as Animus (US). The production of this disc is lopsided due to the vocals being loud in the mix and the unfaltering push of the drum machine being buried, but perhaps this was the intention of the artist behind this project since the possibility of a synthetic rhythm section could have drained away some of this albums organic creepiness. The music itself strikes me as very unique as the music is centered more on a droning vibe then actual “riffs” that will stick with you. “Poems for the Aching…” is all about painting a bleak vision of depression and strife through emotive passages of reverb soaked guitar lines and drifting progressions that may be repetitive, but somehow hold my attention due to the motion and sorrow acting as the underlying current. The croaking and miserable vocal screams add to the feelings of suffering effectively. To the artist’s credit, his cancer soaked delivery really doesn’t sound like anyone else. I’m intrigued to hear more from the soul behind this music, but for album #2, I strongly believe a more distinct production would allow the mystical feelings lost in this passionate, though murky material to have more of a lasting effect on the listener. As it stands, “Poems for the Aching, Swords for the Infuriated” remains an overlooked strike of black metal misanthropy that will appeal to those who are just fine with the possibility that in life… There may actually be no hope. -Marty

~ by martyworm on January 2, 2009.

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