A Crown Of Amaranth – The Gorgeous Dawn Of The War

This is a 5 song self released CDR from this new Dark Electronics project. There are no titles listed… The disc opens with a melodic ambience and sparse percussive low end making up the first track. There is a nice atmosphere here, and while it’s simple it conveys its intent well. There seems to be some genuine guitar woven in to it, but used somewhat abstractly. Track two has a hallucinatory wilderness feel to it, strange beasts crowing from tree tops and moaning beneath the rocks. Strange vocalizations, rhythmic accents, drifting electronics and a fluid development make for a nice track that disorients as it draws you in. The third piece combines some dissonant guitar melody with minimal ambience and simple loops. The fourth track picks up similarly to the third, but begins to incorporate additional sounds that eventually gives way to a deep sub bass throb to meet the changing tone of the loops. This fades and a warm echoing melody rings out. The final piece approaches the 10 minutes mark that opens with a pastoral sort of ambience and light melody, this spawns a drum beat with a nice hook to it as the dreamlike synth melody plays out atop it. This eventually drops away and more tension laced electronics emerge. It is still rather ambient, but it almost sounds like an approaching starship battle or something of that nature. This is a pretty solid and diverse release, I think the second track was my personal favorite, but the way the guitar is used on the first and fourth tracks was nice as well. The way the pieces develop is handled nicely and I like that there are different types of sources that are utilized through out. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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