Blood Red Throne – Altered Genesis

up_060605_bloodredthroneNorway’s Blood Red Throne is one of those bands that I have heard of, but have never actually heard. Now that I have heard them, I must say that I enjoy their music much more than I had thought I would. Although they are from Norway and feature a prominent member of the Old Norse scene in Tchort, they have chosen to focus on creating visceral death metal rather than treading down paths that must seem more familiar to them. I cannot say Blood Red Throne present the most original sounding material that I have ever heard, but oftentimes originality is highly overrated anyway. I for one would rather listen to something that I enjoy, even if it is not exactly ground breaking than something that is ground breaking that I am just not into at all. Getting back to the point, to me “Altered Genesis” sounds a lot like another Scandinavian band that I thoroughly enjoy, namely, Vomitory. The pacing of the tracks, the drums, the razor sharp riffs that continue to build upon one another until they are forced to erupt by songs end, and perhaps most of all the vocals of “Mr. Hustler” all bring to mind that Swedish band mentioned above. This is a solid album that probably won’t blow you away but could give you a lot of enjoyment if you have spun all of your old Scandinavian classics to the point of having them committed to memory. – Lance Rogers

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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