A Days Refrain/Neil Perry – Split

up_030804_adays_neilA Days Refrain are first up with 3 tracks of dissonant noise rock complete with grinding breaks and emo interludes. The band tightly weaves raw chord structures and screaming vocals with a variety of tendrils stretching out from that base. Clean guitar melodies, sung vocals, off time riffs, an almost jazz like rhythm section at times, blast beats, heavy grooves and so one all coiled taught for a great emotional ride. Neil Perry is next up with their 3 tracks… Screaming discord, layered heaviness and obscured off kilter melody. Dominant bass and drums provide the foundation for more abstracted guitars, whether clean or raw distortions the guitar lines lead in more esoteric directions and provide a disharmonic nest that swells up around you. Passionate screams flush out the vocal realm. All six tracks here are excellent. – Scott

~ by scottsplatter on January 3, 2009.

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