Bestial Mockery – Evoke the Desecrator

up_051004_bestialmockeryIt’s always something of a treat to watch a band that you’ve followed since their demo days come full force and deliver a strong album that should cement their place within the scene. This is BM’s second full-length release (not counting the 12″ on Sombre which was a compilation of demos) and first for the Osmose label. Their debut on MetalBloodMusic had some really brilliant moments of execution, but seemed to faulter when it came to the actual songwriting. The riffs were chunky, but weren’t always memorable. This time around Bestial Mockery have found a way to string together the most outrageous elements of late 80’s German thrash with early 90s Swedish Black/Death metal. Opener “Chainsaw Demon Returns” has actually appeared on previous demos and a comp 7″, but this version is a perfect opener to kick in the door and begin the assault. You just haven’t lived until you’ve heard a dueling guitar and chainsaw solo! With less than 25 minutes of music, BM also knows how to make an impact and not overstay their welcome. Hail the chainsaw demon! – Craig Schlanger

~ by martyworm on January 3, 2009.

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